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Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)

17 Mar 2014
@ 12:33 am (GMT)

Chris McKoy

Sorry Alvaro, I don't mean to hijack your thread...

I've just driven over to see my gunsmith (Scott Traill) and the bolt handle is not correctly timed (fully open without even touching the angle section on the action), also when closed, the handle was hitting the stock pushing the bolt forward off the lugs. Test firing out of the stock and the problem was gone.

Interestingly, my issue was only happening with factory rounds, re-loads where still sticking but nowhere near as frequently.

End result is that the rifle is getting a full going over, moving the bolt handle, lapping of lugs, head space check, fluted bolt etc etc. I'm just thankful I didn't send my rifle to Remington! Best of luck with yours!


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