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Rifle bedding SPS stock, help please

15 Mar 2014
@ 05:22 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

From email query:

Hi Nathan,

I recently attempted a full length bedding job on my synthetic blued Remington 700.

At first blush the job seemed to come out really well - just had the usual clean up to do. However, as we were cleaning up all of the compound started coming away from the stock - it completely failed to adhere. The only place where it doesn't come off easily is near the recoil leg because it is so deep there.

As far as I know the prep work was exactly how you described it. We used an aggressive carbide burr to remove plenty of material and really rough it up. The release agent worked - very little compound stuck to the action/barrel.

I did google whether anyone else has had this problem and it appears as though some people say that no epoxy compound will adhere to synthetic stocks. However, it seems that you have had a lot of success with doing the same.

Did I do something wrong here or is it simply that it would never have adhered properly.

Thanks in advance.



15 Mar 2014
@ 05:23 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Rifle bedding SPS stock, help please
My response:

Hi Shane, I would not not be in business for very long if I sold a product that did not work, especially when we sell the stabilizer kits specifically for plastic stocks as a part of the accurizing process.

The two factors that possibly went wrong were:

1. Did not use hot knife prep to burn oils out of plastic prior to bedding.
And or
2. plastercine residues on fingers contaminated stock and prevented adhesion.

The trouble with my answering your email is that you have been surfing the net, so you now have the seeds of doubt sown. I think its best that I post this to the forums so that hopefully other customers who have bedded plastic rifle stocks might come forwards and put your mind at ease. We also have customers who have bedded the Hogue stock of which the upper half is made of rubber. Those who think plastic is a challenge have no idea how challenging bedding rubber can be. Its like bedding an eraser.

Best to start over and do it again unless you want to change stocks and bed a new stock. Either way, the work will help you build skills long term.

All the best.
15 Mar 2014
@ 07:56 pm (GMT)

Les Mulloy

Re: Rifle bedding SPS stock, help please
Hi to all
Yeah I have recently bedded a Remington rifle in an SPS synthetic stock.
Very happy to say that my job turned out beautifully.

I must admit that I was so paranoid about making a mistake that I probably went overboard with the stock prep -- but so glad I did.

Like most jobs it is so easy to inadvertently take short cuts in the overwhelming desire to see the finished result.

In my case I forgot to clean my hands after using the plastercine several times and it is so hard to remember what you have touched and what you have not -- and I made sure I used generous applications of release agent -
I also kept the release agent well away from the job so I did not mix it in with the compound ------ Like I said I was paranoid - but having done a bedding task once I feel like an expert now,
Regards to all --- Les Mulloy P.S. raining here today no shooting xxxx
15 Mar 2014
@ 10:18 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Rifle bedding SPS stock, help please
Hi Shane,
l have bedded/stabilized cheap plastic stocks using Nathans kits with excellent results!
My first was a Marlin XL7 and about as cheap a stock as they get!
l clean the plastic with a aerosol cleaner (like carby cleaner) & tooth brush which is critical both before appling plastercine and after, maching just isn't enough!
Machine your stock so that you have a lot of "mechanical lock" or voids to give the expoy lots of purchase.
Forend stiffening is a must before bedding, using the same techniques.
The forestock will move to much if not stabilised making all your work pointless.

15 Mar 2014
@ 11:04 pm (GMT)


Re: Rifle bedding SPS stock, help please
Shane try again and take your time, Ive bedded a heap of rifles with several different produces and one of the best things about Nathan's bedding is the cure time (no rushing) and the support when you need from Nathan! I've had a few jobs go south or look a little suspect but nothing more than time on the Dremel to start again!
Good luck and once you get it just so you'll be proud as punch! Cheers, Aj

16 Mar 2014
@ 12:28 am (GMT)

David Bath

Re: Rifle bedding SPS stock, help please
I am about to stabilize and bed a Marlin X7. Was planning on starting this weekend, but have been caught up making beef jerky and doing stuff with the kids :)
I think the keys to a good job are the thickness of the bedding and the mechanical locks. I will also do the hot knife work. I will let you guys know how it goes.

On a side note, I tried a Boyds prairie hunter on the x7 and didn't like the pistol grip or how slippery it was. I have chosen to stay with the standard synthetic stock....... cheers,
03 Aug 2016
@ 09:26 pm (GMT)

Just Send It

Rifle Bedding Magpul's Hunter 700 Stock
Hello all,

I'm new to this site and can't find where to start a new thread so I'm gonna try posting here.

I have purchased a Magpul 700 hunter stock for my Remington 700 SA SPS AAC. I read on this site that I need to add a stabilizing agent to a synthetic stock before I bed it. BUT, the inside of the stock already has an aluminum lining.

My questions are:

Do I need to try and remove the aluminum lining, add the stabilizing agent, put the lining back in, and then bed it?


Do I just need to skip the stabilizing agent and go straight to bedding?

Thanks for your time and I look forward to being a part of this site. There's a lot of good stuff here.
03 Aug 2016
@ 10:28 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Rifle bedding SPS stock, help please
Hi there and welcome aboard. Yours already has a forend fill so you can skip stabilizing and go straight to bedding. There is quite a large fill area in the action so it may pay to have two kits on hand.

Make sure the ali is well roughed up and make sure the plastic has a good burn prep. Degrease both the ali and plastic with brake cleaner after your prep to remove oily (plasticine / finger) residues, then pour the compound.

All the best!
06 Aug 2016
@ 01:31 am (GMT)

Dale Wilhelm

Re: Rifle bedding SPS stock, help please
Like Les said I was very nervous prior to bedding my plastic Howa stock. I ended up cutting out more of the stock to get things evened up so had a thicker bedding job to do.
Once I have everything set and the plastercine in place I washed the inside of the stock with isopropyl alcohol. Instead of a hot knife I found an old butane soldering iron worked really well for scoring the plastic. This gave lots of small holes in the plastic for the epoxy to grip in to. Just make sure all the alcohol has evapourated before applying heat.
Everything went well and I am pleased with the result.


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