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Looking for a New Stock

13 Mar 2014
@ 07:43 pm (GMT)

Shelby Martowski

Hey guys I’m looking for some recommendations. I have a Rem. 7mm mag. SPS Stainless. This is the rifle I use 90% of the time. When I bought it, it came with a muzzle break. After one hunting trip and almost going deaf the break was Gone! I really don’t care for the cheap feel of the stock on it. I’d like to replace it with a camo stock that has those rubber inserts. Something like the stock on the Rem. RMEF Limited Edition XCR. Your help and input is appreciated.


14 Mar 2014
@ 04:17 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Looking for a New Stock
Hi Shelby, the stock pictured is simply an SPS stock with a dipped film paint job. Oddly enough, There is a crowd here in New Plymouth which specialist in this- (they are not a gun business / are a paint shop).

I have put stock options in my first book, the simplest (inexpensive) being the Boyds laminate through to the HS series (fiberglass with ali chassis) such as the stock pictured below fitted to an SPS. There are many options these days but it pays to have a good handle on what constitutes a good stock. Actually, I think you will find that this part of the book is available as a free sample chapter download on the shopping pages.

15 Mar 2014
@ 12:39 am (GMT)

Shelby Martowski

Re: Looking for a New Stock
Thanks Nathan, It sounds like your books are a good read anyway. Guess I better take a peek at them. I did contact Remington but they were of no help at all. The only option they gave me was the original stock (which I don't care for). They stated that because it has a detachable magazine the original stock was all that would work. When I said the cheap feel to it was the issue they gave me so links to aftermarket stuff I've already looked at.


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