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Re: Best All round rig for my Budget ?

11 Mar 2014
@ 03:02 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

F FFF FFF FF far out that is a lot of $ to have in your hunting budget
if I sold everthing in my gun cabinet I wouldnt come close.
chose wisely my good man and as Nathan so aptly put it look out for cowboys.
I believe you need to work out your "needs to do" before you can work out what to do it with.
How far is long range to you??? (optics)
do you want to bash the scrub aswell or snipe from afar??(barrel length)
What do you want to be shooting at???(energy levels)
there are alot of great .30 cals out there that should fit the bill or are you looking to change from what you have known???
Do you want something different to everyone else????
good luck I will watch this thread with interest to see what you decide on.


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