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Re: Forster stock inletting guide screws

07 Mar 2014
@ 08:25 pm (GMT)

Les Mulloy

G'day there David
I saw your post regarding guide screws - I hope you don't mind me sticking my nose in.--- I have just recently completed a bedding job using Nathans' compound and guidelines.

I found the same problem with the thread but as Nathan said the headless bolts will screw in a short way, until finger tight -- I was so paranoid with this step that I even put " vasceline "on the bolt threads and into the action threads as an extra precaution. ( please don't beat me Nathan l.o.l.)
--- The whole time that the compound was curing - I had an overwhelming urge to pull the job prematurely to make sure the bolts were not stuck solid - thankfully I did'nt -- When finished I only needed a pair of Pliers to unscrew the bolts out of the action and all was well.
Personally I would not even contemplate using bolts that were not threaded.

Hey -- it's only GOO and a GUN - what could go wrong mate ????????
Cheers -- Les


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