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light bullets for 30 30

07 Mar 2014
@ 08:01 am (GMT)

Peter Glasgow

Good day all,
i am interested in experimenting with light loads, being a 90 grn monolithic solid, called the Impala and made here in SA , it has a flat nose and has cutting bands to improve wound channel. I can find no info on this configuration and need advice on powder mass etc, currentlyI load 33.0 grn of our S335 powder on a 150 grn Hornady this gives very good results.
any advice would be greatly appreciated .Thank you kindly


07 Mar 2014
@ 03:18 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: light bullets for 30 30
Hi Peter, I have tested the Impala bullet in the past. Please do not get caught up in any hype regarding driving or cutting bands, this is complete nonsense, the rear bands cannot defy the laws of physics.

For those who are unfamiliar with this bullet, in essence it relies on a keith style full or semi wadcutter approach. In other words, a flat nose or flat at the edge of the nose initiates energy transfer. As can be expected, in order to effect a disproportionate to caliber wound in the absence of bullet expansion, impact velocity needs to be very high- more so with regard to the smaller bores. Without disproportionate to caliber wounding, the bullet punches a caliber sized wound, in this instance the same as one would expect when using FMJ .308 ammo. The result is of course delayed killing.

So, the trick is- drive it fast for Impala etc and keep your ranges relatively short for best results (typcial .30-30 ranges). Mild loads should be used on small game.

I am not familiar with your local powders and in the past have found it hard to obtain data online. Hopefully your 33gr load is giving you 2400fps. In theory, you would add 6 more grains for 3000fps. So I would start at 37gr and work up from there until I hit maximum (probably around 3050fps). You will need a scope or adjustable peep sight as it is unlikely that the basic open sights of your rifle will cope with the differences in POI. That said, there is a chance that the barrel could whip low- hard to say.

Hope that helps.


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