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07 Mar 2014
@ 02:32 am (GMT)

Peter Bjerregaard


Off topic, I know, but I just want to share this.
In email from Nathan: "I have to admit, sales have neen slow these past few weeks and donations non-existent".
Considering the activity on this forum alone the past few weeks, something doesn't seem to fit. So if you ask Nathan a question and get an answer (and you will!) Please donate a few [insert local currency here]. I bet he's got lower hourly wages than most and I would hate to see him give up his website and forum because he can't afford it.

Sorry if this is a breach of confidentiality, Nathan, but I think it should be told.

And please, I don't want to get on a high horse in the first place, so don't tell me to get off. I don't want to judge anyone just open some eyes.



07 Mar 2014
@ 04:06 am (GMT)

Mike Neeson

Re: Donations
Off the top of my head I can recall several posts in which Nathan saved the person who posted, a considerable amount of time, money and stress. This advice has value. If Nathan saves you money and time, then he deserves something to show your appreciation for the grief he just saved you. If you come from country that tips, then why not adopt the same attitude here? He has a family to feed and his time spent doing this, is time away from other earning streams. Lots of small insignificant donations add up to (hopefully) something close to what his knowledge and experience is worth. If we don't help him out, we may lose him forever. Like I said, lots of small donations....
07 Mar 2014
@ 04:31 am (GMT)

David Bath

Re: Donations
Couldn't agree more fellas. cheers,
07 Mar 2014
@ 03:07 pm (GMT)

Stephen Lindsay

Re: Donations
We have all become so used to free information on the internet that we take it for granted. But the information is usually only "free" because the site is littered with adds or it is supported by a company or an organization that has a product or a point of view to sell. It is seldom unbiased information. On this site we get so much absolutely for free, and Nathan makes it obvious that he is not beholden to any special interests. I am personally very grateful for all the personal attention I have received from Nathan on various rifle projects and for the various threads on the site that have steered me into new ideas. Many of us pay subscriptions to receive various hunting and shooting magazines in the mail each month. Why not treat this site similarly and pay a subscription to this site as a small monthly donation of maybe $3, $5, or $10 a month, to keep this unbiased source of valuable information available into the future. Certainly none of those magazines, full of advertisements and articles written to push advertisers products, have as much to offer.

I know Nathan. This truly is a family business and he and Steph truly do spend almost every waking minute of every day answering emails and thread questions and writing for the KnowledgeBase and his books. Along with our respect, they deserves a more secure source of income. I for one would hate to see Nathan leave this all behind for the lucrative career his skills could provide working for some rifle or bullet corporation.
07 Mar 2014
@ 09:33 pm (GMT)

Les Mulloy

Re: Donations
Hi to all fellow shooters

Yes - I have read similar concerns in other posts on this website and readily admit that I am one of the guilty ones who have probably exploited Nathans' website for my own benefit.
I also know that this website offers a degree of information - knowledge sharing - personal contact - valuable idea sharing and a general e'spirit de corps, that I have never found elsewhere.

Perhaps it is time for all of us to admit that we have an excellent product and service provider in Mr & Mrs Nathan Foster from New Zealand.
I would urge Nathan and Steph to realise that it is time to take this step and
introduce a payment system or a membership system or any kind of system for the use and convenience of their Website.

I personally subscribe to three shooter related magazines and get only marginal value - due to the range of topics they need to cover.

I am happy to subscribe. What does everyone else think ?

Regards to all -- Les Mulloy ( from Australia )
07 Mar 2014
@ 10:22 pm (GMT)


Re: Donations
My point was that we can all voluntarily subscribe by making a small donation each month, whether or not the site requires payment for access - a step I am sure Nathan will not take. He is too kind, and continues to answer scads of emails even after often not even receiving a thank you from someone whom he has helped immensely. Nathan's heart and soul is in this site and it hurts him to even ask for the donations. So each of us who care about this site, and the information so freely available, should make even a small donation, and if not on a regular basis, at least once and awhile.
07 Mar 2014
@ 10:34 pm (GMT)

Les Mulloy

Re: Donations
Hi to all Again
I just thought I should clarify my last post --
I am not suggesting that Nathan and Steph start printing a Magazine for us to buy or anything of the sort.
The only people who know how much money is needed to conduct a site like this and make a living from it, is Nathan and Steph -- So I think they should be encouraged to operate on a '" USER PAYS " system -- Whereby each of us pays a yearly subscription to use the site and login to access the content.
I know Nathan is appauled by this concept -- but business is business -- and we want the site to remain.
Personally to make random donations here and there is a pain -- I would much rather pay a yearly Sub -- due on a certain date -- Notified by email when renewal is due etc.

Regards Again -- Les Mulloy ( Australia )
07 Mar 2014
@ 10:58 pm (GMT)

Les Mulloy

Re: Donations
Hello there sl
Just saw your post in reply -- Yes mate I agree with what you are saying and I have read Nathan's opinions about charging money - but to me sending $2 or $3 or $10 to New Zealand is more trouble than it is worth

I fully understand Nathan's reluctance to ask for money -- But maybe he and Steph do not understand how many are happy to make proper and sustainable contributions -- not just token guestures willy nilly.

I think it is great the ice has been broken on this subject and we should continue the momentum going here and get a viable result.

I know Nathan and Steph must have their heads in their hands at the moment -- BUT THIS NEEDS TO BE SORTED.

Cheers Les

07 Mar 2014
@ 11:02 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Donations
Thanks everyone. based on our stats for last year, the same situation occurred, a very quiet period, very low sales. I have also found that the regular posters here do donate or buy product so you are amongst good company. The trouble is, I don't like to see the same people donating each year so I don't like to make a fuss about this because I do not wish to appear as ungrateful. We are so very grateful to those who do donate. We also do not want to see the same folk come forwards when they should not have to.

Yes, it is a lean period, selling one or two books per day and three donations over the last month. Such are the cycles of business. Still, I cannot emphasize how grateful Steph and I are to you all for supporting us along the way.

As an update, I am finding that I can now write very quickly, the words flow much more easily than when I first started out. I hope to be done with the next book in just a few more weeks but it will take some time to edit and format. The next book was supposed to be a short book or booklet on rifle maintenance after the last epic as a rest before getting into reloading etc. Well that never happened, am getting close to 200 pages now and the book has taken its own direction.

When I went to start the book, I pictured receiving a new rifle from a gun store still boxed. From that image, I began to write, going through my full process, repeating every step from set up procedures to test procedures, test shooting, full accurizing and so forth. Then we get into part 2 of the book (which was supposed to be the entire book) on maintenance.

I took the usual DIY approach rather than the smith approach because very few of you have smithing analysis tools such as bore scopes etc. Besides, too much kit can cause paralysis of the analysis anyway. About the only limitation is that the reader will need to have a handle on the fundamentals presented in book 1 because I just wanted to get down to business with this book. Just about every page is Step 1, step 2, left foot in, left foot out, hold your tongue like this, do the hokey pokey etc. There is not much room for explanations as to "why" I have done "X" job but I have tried to reiterate book 1 fundamentals where possible. Anyway, the long and short of it all is that you can follow the steps and trick up a rifle, troubleshoot problems and get the rig shooting- and keep it shooting long term. Job done.

I have absolutely no idea how to name this book. It was supposed to be the Practical guide to rifle maintenance but that ship has long sailed.

I have been book writing Mon, Tue, Wed. I do KB writing on Thur, Fri. Not much room for hunting this last month but will be back into it soon. I treat emails like dairy farm work, I try to answer them during a block in the morning, then later in the afternoon, though sometimes I have to switch back and forwards. Emails are like dairy work in that they have to be done 7 days a week a at least twice a day to prevent a build up. Most people send kind thank you emails after I have answered questions, a few send donations. Some have bought kits in the past and are checking in for help. Some folk start their email with "I can't afford to donate" which is fine because it is straight up and I can certainly understand where they are coming from. Some say "please don't reply, just wanted to say thanks for the site" which I always try to reply to anyway because I am grateful for their kind words. And so it goes on. The younger generation can be a bit rough though. A few lads want all the answers " coz i need a new gun", then never bother to send a thank you. Some young folk are the complete opposite with exceptionally good manners (good parents!).

Riley turned 8 today, woke us up at some horrible hour this morning. She was a bit bummed because today is the school jubilee (100 years) and the kids had to go to school for singing and presentations etc. But the school principal was already one step ahead and had the entire visiting community sing her happy birthday- that made her day! Nothing like a rural school community. My mother in law lead me over to meet two straight backed older gentlemen (must be ex military huh). One was an ex NZ army armorer (vietnam era), the other a Major who served in both Korea and Vietnam. Well that was me buggered for a good hour or so while the armorer had a Steyr 5.56 hate session as the Major nodded in agreement, being quite content with the performance of the SLR. Was such a great experience meeting and talking to these guys.

OK, I better get ready for the school dinner. All the best everyone.

08 Mar 2014
@ 04:56 am (GMT)

Mike Neeson

Re: Donations
HI Les, I don't understand the statement "but to me sending $2 or $3 or $10 to New Zealand is more trouble than it is worth". We live in the digital age and this could not be easier with Paypal. Click, click, password and click... how is that too hard? Takes 10 seconds and to trivialize $2 or $10 donations does not pay credit to the power of duplication... An insignificant number to you (so why shouldn't you?) and 1000 other people adds up to a lot of people minus an insignificant amount of money and Nathan getting a reasonable pay back. I understand you mean well, but if we can get a lot of people paying chump change, then this will work. To say "I can't afford a donation" when you have a rig worth a couple of grand and a box of projectiles costs $50 bucks really means "I would be too embarrassed to donate such a small amount" DO IT PEOPLE, $10 is nothing in the scheme of things but can add up to a significant amount!
08 Mar 2014
@ 06:27 am (GMT)

Les Mulloy

Re: Donations
G'day there Mike
Yes I can not argue with you on this one ---- My idea was to pay say $50.00 per year as a one off Subscription - rather than small intermittent amounts.
I can see that such a scheme would not be acceptable to everyone.

You are quite correct - those who use the site should donate what they can when they can.

I stand corrected old chap l.o.l.

Cheers --- Les
09 Mar 2014
@ 01:18 am (GMT)


Re: Donations
Go have a look at and This guy has worked just as hard as you and he now has two sites: a pay site an a free site. Maybe his business model would work for you.

09 Mar 2014
@ 06:42 am (GMT)

Chris McKoy

Re: Donations
Hi Nathan, could you look into accepting bitcoins (get a wallet and post the address here) I have 1 BTC with your name on it.


09 Mar 2014
@ 05:31 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Donations
Thanks for the input guys. I have just had a look at paypal and there is a way I can set up a donation subscription so I will try to get this implemented over the next couple of days. If you like, you can have a look and tell me whether it is OK or needs altering.

My current end game is to continue to have the research up for free rather than a pay site. The KB should help show case the books and bedding products. Its just a matter of getting the book series finished and also getting the KB research uploaded. You can imagine the work load, trying to balance the two primary goals- book writing versus KB writing.

Thanks for the donation Les- much appreciated!
09 Mar 2014
@ 06:05 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Donations
Hi everyone.
I donate to this site every few months. You know when you read some of Nathans wisdom words! and the light goes on in your head because you understand what he's said. It makes all your worries go and the next time your hunting or at the range and you hit what your aiming at exactly where you aimed...........
Well It's a really good feeling isn't it? Now put a dollar value on them good vibes???
A ride on a rollercoaster costs you how much? Fuel and time sitting in traffic to get you and the family there, paying for parking,the entry fee into Fun park, standing in line etc etc..Hotdog$..Frie$...drink$,icecream$...
To get Nathans advice takes a few moments to log in ask or read the Knowledge Base and thats it! So easy and FREE. I guess it comes down to how much soul and appreciation we have for the time and money projectiles n powder + all rifles that Nathan n Steph have had to test and document for our benifit ? So when i give its a heart felt... This guy Nathans saved me hundreds of dollars and months of experimenting and load development, powder,cases,projectiles n primers....... so I give them $150 or $100! For Christmas $250 and I'm smiling as I press the send button because I know it's appreciated and going to get food and clothes for them all. So keep it in mind everyone.
Thats just what I choose to do.
If every time we came here we gave a little back it would add up to enough for Them to test the .50cal for us to drool over?
Take care fellow shooters. Be safe, ALWAYS IDENTIFY your target aim true n steady and hold that forend or Nathan will give you an earfull. Thanks Nathan Steph and Riley for the awesomness of T.B.S

Donate a little it means alot

10 Mar 2014
@ 04:58 pm (GMT)

Bob Mavin

Re: Donations
G'day all
I'm happy to donate $20 now & then rather than buy a bullshit Magazine full of adds.
Keep up the great work Nathan.

11 Mar 2014
@ 10:47 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Donations
I have stated many times here on this site, that Nathan & Steph need to be supported for their amazing information that is avaliable to all. Knowledge, advice and guidence all offered with a simple few key strokes!
With Nathans permission here is a small part of a personal email that we shared a while ago;

It does shit me that you both hand out “free professional advice” that cannot be found readily anywhere else and people won’t pay for your time! Your advice on that McMillan Tikka bedding was spot on and there is not a smith l know that l could send someone to get help like that, never mind online! And that is one of many, many emails in the same vein that you both answer daily l know! Anyway that’s my rant. [b][i]

Come on people, if you can afford the sport you can afford to pay for some straight up, no bullshit professional advice that works!
It's not my 'mate said' or 'I have never had one but...' all tried and tested guidence!
This is a fulltime professional that wants to help you!

12 Mar 2014
@ 08:41 pm (GMT)

Steve Marcon

Re: Donations
G'day all,

This is the 1st time I've ever engaged in a blog/forum of any description but I'm genuinely encouraged by all of you; & your passion for Nathan & Steph's plight … so thanks, it's nice to feel invigorated about a genuine cause.

Rather than it being a giving back exercise, think of it as giving forward; there is so much more to do and learn that we will all benefit from in the future - or will we? Lets not discover the value of this outstanding effort by Nathan and Steph once its gone.

We all understand the cost of our noble pursuit, so this is a situation we can have genuine empathy for. Nathan, Steph & Riley are, in effect, part of our own extended family of Hunters & Sporting shooters. They say that charity starts at home but this is NOT a charitable service and they are NOT a charity. They provide invaluable service, advice & products that we all benefit from; and they do it for the love and betterment of the game as well as us as individuals, they are if nothing else, deserving of our support.

I have personally benefitted from both the products & advice of this champion family and will pledge now to donate more often than I have. We are are connected to them through a shared passion that binds us. That makes them our people folks! - PLEASE give what you can as often as you can. As Mike Neeson put it "Click, click, password, and click", it would be trouble to hand it to them personally if you lived in the same town!

We all know what we can do, it's not about size, it's about support. Thanks all and take care … By the way Riley happy belated Birthday I hope you had a cracker!



We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.