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Forster stock inletting guide screws

06 Mar 2014
@ 10:47 pm (GMT)

David Bath

G'day to all,
I received the stabilizer and bedding kits: thanks Nathan.

Firstly I thought I'd give a heads up to anyone that wasn't aware of it. I discovered that rem 700 & win m70 use different thread sizes on the action king screws. Remington & Savage use 28tpi. Winchester m70 & Marlin x7 use 32tpi.

I have a set of Forster stock inletting guide screws and was planning on using these as the guide screws on my bedding job. In the recent 30-06 ackley thread there was talk of the guide screws getting bound in the job. Now Im wondering if the threaded headless screws might be safer to use as they will actually screw out of the job, whereas the unthreaded Forster screws might get proper stuck. Any thoughts on this Nathan or others?

thanks & regards,


07 Mar 2014
@ 03:36 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Forster stock inletting guide screws
Hi David, I use 1/4" UNF for the three rifles regardless of thread pitch. You will find that the unf thread starts into the M70, goes in a short way, then stops (finger tight). That is all you need.

Yes, be very weary of any guide screw that is of a close fit diameter regarding the holes in the stock because once compound gets into the stock holes (always does), you will have trouble getting the action down into place- resulting in a stressed job. Then, as you say, it can be equally difficult removing a screw with no body thread.

Hope that helps David.
07 Mar 2014
@ 08:25 pm (GMT)

Les Mulloy

Re: Forster stock inletting guide screws
G'day there David
I saw your post regarding guide screws - I hope you don't mind me sticking my nose in.--- I have just recently completed a bedding job using Nathans' compound and guidelines.

I found the same problem with the thread but as Nathan said the headless bolts will screw in a short way, until finger tight -- I was so paranoid with this step that I even put " vasceline "on the bolt threads and into the action threads as an extra precaution. ( please don't beat me Nathan l.o.l.)
--- The whole time that the compound was curing - I had an overwhelming urge to pull the job prematurely to make sure the bolts were not stuck solid - thankfully I did'nt -- When finished I only needed a pair of Pliers to unscrew the bolts out of the action and all was well.
Personally I would not even contemplate using bolts that were not threaded.

Hey -- it's only GOO and a GUN - what could go wrong mate ????????
Cheers -- Les
07 Mar 2014
@ 08:45 pm (GMT)

David Bath

Re: Forster stock inletting guide screws
Thanks for that info Nathan and Les. That confirms my thoughts on it. I will try to get this job done in the next few weeks, don't want to rush into it........
This forum is such a great resource. It is great to be able to communicate with other like minded people. cheers,


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