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Re: 375h&h as a long range rifle

05 Mar 2014
@ 09:49 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hi Mark, you must have been overly cautious as you put this in the General rifles thread rather than the long range thread. Perhaps you are subconsciously thinking that your rifle is not really the best for long range?

Well,I have been using the same bullet of late. I did a gun rag article on this bullet a while back, I wrote about it in my last book- I can't see anything wrong with thoroughly enjoying a .375 H&H. My only concern is that the SMK bullet is very tough. Even if the tip is opened up, it needs a good 9" penetration before it expands (if used on light to medium game). A big Cor-bond tip would be the fix I think- I haven't tried this yet.

You could also try the Rocky Mountain .375 ULD bullets.

I have been trying to save .308 and 7mm bullets lately so I am shooting some of my oddball stuff. Been using the .375 for dog tucker goats, 6.5-20 x 50 Sightron and drop charts. 3 shots, 5 goats, dogs fed. Not the best for meat retrieval on small animals though....




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