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Pillar bedding?

22 Feb 2014
@ 08:16 pm (GMT)

Guy Mainland

Hi all. I've got a couple of questions that have been bugging me for a while and haven't found a good answer any where else.
I've got an m38 Husqvarna(first rifle) that I put a Boyds walnut stock on last year, bedded it with match grade, and have been generally enjoying the process and the rifle. It's gone from a rubbish gun to a 1moa shooter.
My lovely woman know's I'm a reader of Nathan's site and scored me a copy of both books for christmas (thanks for the signed copies Nathan-Awsome).
In the first book (I think) it mentions pinched magazines being a problem for accuracy. It states that the magazine should be loose fitting or floppy, in the stock when the king screws are loose. Should this apply to my rifle design? Currently it is a "slip" type of fit, it will hang in the stock by its self, but will slide out easily. Should I be relieving around the box mag a bit more to gain wriggling room?
Second question. While I was researching the bedding in the stock I completely missed the idea of pillar bedding and have experienced a bit of stock compression. I realise now it should have been done with the bedding-doh! I've been mulling over retro fitting a pillar around the rear king screw (don't think I need one in the front, it almost has a pillar in the rifle design)
Is it worth doing? Any one else had this? Thank in advance.


22 Feb 2014
@ 11:01 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Pillar bedding?
Hi Guy, I have gone into heavy detail regarding this in the next book which is a full how-to book to go with the first book. I hope to have this book released within 8 weeks.

basically- yes, retrofit and glue a pillar in place at the tang. Have it run short by about .2mm at the top and flush fit at the bottom, araldite in place.

Magazine wriggle is tested when the screws are tight- not loose.

Yes- yours in a one piece box/ floorplate assembly so it won't wriggle- but you must make sure there is about .2 to .5mm clearance between the top of the magazine and action. If the mag box touches the action, then the action is sitting on the mag box, not the bedding.

Hope that helps and I am glad you liked the books.
23 Feb 2014
@ 12:17 am (GMT)

Guy Mainland

Re: Pillar bedding?
Bloody hell Nathan! It's a Sunday, take a break mate! Seriously though, thanks again for a quick and sensible reply, the mag box seems to be okay then and I'll look into a pillar at the rear. Love fiddling with the old girl! Hmm that almost sounded wrong. Cheers, I'll be looking forward to the new book!


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