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Cheap Stocks - Boyds vs Hogue

09 Feb 2014
@ 03:38 pm (GMT)



I am currently in the infant stages of a "project gun". The goal is to end with an accurate .223 bolt action and all of the work being done by yours truly. Since this is the first time I've done this, it's going to a bit of a test to my abilities and therefore also a low budget endeavor.

I currently have a Howa barreled action on the way. The next step is choosing a stock. Due to the budget factor, I'm down to deciding between a Boyd's or Hogue (pillar bedded, not the aluminum chassis).

Does anyone have any input as to which would be better under these circumstances?

I really like the feel of the Hogue and he fact that it's not wood. On the other hand I am under the impression that the Boyd's will be better when I get to the bedding job stage of the project (purchase of match grade bedding kit in Nathan's future).

While I know the Hogue will require the stock stabilizer and be more difficult to bed, will the difference be that significant?

Thanks in advance,


09 Feb 2014
@ 09:46 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Cheap Stocks - Boyds vs Hogue
Hi Ben, to some extent this is a personal choice.

I had a reader phone me this morning, wanting tips on setting up his .308 Tactical with Hogue stock. I mentioned that a Boyds would be a lot easier to work with during bedding to which he replied "I absolutely love the way the Hogue stock feels, I often hunt in rain and the stock never gets slippery and also doesn't slip under recoil". He went on to say that he can remove the action after a hard few days in the bush, wash the stock in soapy water, dry it and reassemble it after giving the action and barrel equal attention. So he had developed great affinity with his stock and wanted to set about stabilizing and bedding.

I don't think there is a right or wrong way to go here. It is entirely up to you. Sorry I can't help make the decision any easier. From a learning perspective, the Boyds is easier. That said, many first timers work with the Hogue because at the end of the day, if it all goes wrong, it is not exactly an expensive stock and it is no big deal to rebed and gain further practice / skills.
09 Feb 2014
@ 09:49 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Cheap Stocks - Boyds vs Hogue
What's that in the dish rack.....Man dishes
10 Feb 2014
@ 10:09 pm (GMT)

Benjamin Soroko

Re: Cheap Stocks - Boyds vs Hogue
Thanks Nathan!

That's pretty much the answer I was expecting/looking for. The reason I asked was because I was looking to confirm I wasn't missing any red flags with either option.

Since the only advantage to the Boyd's for me is that its easier to work with, and that I'm ok with the added challenge of bedding the Hogue, I am going with the Hogue.

Guess I'll be adding stock stabilizer in the mix.


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