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High speed footage

03 Feb 2014
@ 05:06 am (GMT)

Michael Neeson

Hi all, some of you have probably watched this already, but for those who haven't this clip is a one million frame per second filming of multiple bullet impacts into different mediums. It's quite mesmerizing... ANYWAY if you fast forward to about 4:55 it visually demonstrates the difference between frangible bullets and monolithic bullets through ballistic gel. Although ballistic gel is not a measure of killing power, it is useful in comparing how the different projectiles react to fluid resistance. I'll let you make up your own minds about what kills faster. Enjoy


03 Feb 2014
@ 02:36 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: High speed footage
Hi Mike, I saw this a couple of years ago, good to watch again. There was quite a range of bullets used from AP to basic FMJ, RWS TUG, Barnes TSX rifle and handgun bullets, lead handgun, shotgun.

I think the first test medium was Ali, then they moved to mild steel before the windscreen and gel tests etc. The ricochet and angled entry tests were very interesting, really well thought out.



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