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Re: 7mm08 ?

31 Jan 2014
@ 06:18 pm (GMT)

David Laing

I think you will find it comes down to projectile choice. 7mm is fine for those small deer.

iv read your other thread too. I think you will have a much better understanding of what you want if you buy nathans books. (I don't get paid to say that, but im sure others will agree). in this game there is so many different ways to go because people have different ideas.
I knew little at the start but nathans advise has proved to be spot on over time.
if your spending $1000 on a rifle whats about $100 (I forget the actual cost) on some info/books to get something you will actually like and want to keep/use, over getting the wrong or not really what suits you rifle, having to learn the hard way, its peanuts!
ull burn it up in ammo.

im often thinking about another rifle or what id build if I was going to get into another aspect of shooting or hunting. and the first book gets pulled out as something to go re-read, its just so handy to have.

anyway, good luck chasing those sika.


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