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Hold that Forend!

25 Jun 2024
@ 06:54 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

A visual representation.

Shows the barrel movement even before projectile has left the chamber. Please note this randomly showed up in my news feed, I don't like or follow this page, never underestimate how much you are tracked on the internet. This is me randomly checking Facebook, not a serial user by any means.

Ultimately this video is a great visual aid to highlight the things TBR has been teaching all along.


26 Jun 2024
@ 08:31 am (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: Hold that Forend!
I’m amazed there’s a camera capable of capturing that. You can’t tell how the rifle was held for the shot, but there’s no muzzle jump, so it must have been in a mount or held by the shooter properly. You see so many people shooting hunting rifles off bench rests with obvious muzzle jump. A video like that showing muzzle jump before the bullet leaves the muzzle would be interesting.


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