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Precision Platforms rifle stocks

23 Jun 2024
@ 09:34 pm (GMT)

Clive Judd

Readers worldwide, hello to all.

It's been some years since I've updated on the development of Precision Platforms, which goes without saying that it's been a long journey. The transition from employment to your own business navigating the labyrinth of composite manufacturing is quite the challenge and the calling to just go hunt echoes at every obstacle like many small businesses, but core values hold one to the task.

I've listed below for those interested, the journey to date, should it answer questions about my offerings.

The XM Project.
The XM-1 was the first stock I designed to accommodate a broad range of body types, based on the learning from a testing platform I'd built to compare forend and grip profiles against different shooting techniques and body size's. Whilst the XM-1 excelled at this, learning outcomes demonstrated these highly adjustable modular features are superfluous on a precision hunting rifle and at times problematic, with weight and costs best allocated elsewhere, thus the XM-1 was parked with its design to be explored at a later date for other applications. Back to the drawing board, I designed various models for pressure testing to further bracket fixed geometry (angles and profiles) for an all-purpose stock design based on the XM-1 experience - Enter the Gen1 Apex.

Gen1 Apex (Laminate) - We conducted a limited production run in birch laminate of our Apex model. Basically, this was our MVP (Minium Viable Product), unfortunately suitable laminate timber (shipped to NZ) made the net production costs higher to that of carbon and thus not viable to compete - Enter the Gen2 Apex

You can view the Gen1 Apex here with this excellent footage by Air Arms Hunting SA, serving Jacob Greenlaw as a platform for precision in both match competitions and culling operations, built for Jacob by Murfs Precision Rifles.

Gen2 Apex (Carbon) - We began trialing new mold designs (lessons from the XM-1) and explored composite manufacturing methods to produce the Apex model in carbon. It was at this point during the research of wet layup that our team disbanded and went separate ways. From here I continued composite research, refined the design and went to aluminium tooling with the use of carbon prepreg to raise the production standard.
The Gen2 Apex continues to serve many well, however aspects of its design made it somewhat challenging to produce whilst being limited to a few receiver groups, in addition there was a calling for some improvements in hardware integration as a whole.

You can view the Gen2 Apex in use here, where Jacob was fortunate enough to win the stock in competition, and uses it as his main hunting rifle, providing a stable and adaptive platform for the hard terrain of the NZ high country.

The XM35
Today I introduce the XM35 (Extended Marksman) which supersedes the Apex. The XM encompasses all the benefits of the Apex and can be inletted for a variety of receiver groups, whilst incorporating broader hardware integration due to improved mold design. I offer the XM35 in these respective inlets, with more to follow;
- R700 SA and LA (Bergara, custom clones etc)
- Howa SA and LA
- Tikka T3/X

Details can be found on our website. If your from a country not listed on our checkout page and wish to purchase, please advise and I will add your country. If your purchasing from Australia or New Zealand please inspect the dealers page.

Such endeavors carry a heavy load, but they are lightened by the people around you, and so I extend special thanks to Chris Murphy, Sam Dupont and Nathan Foster. Along with my family, these three men have kept me sane on this journey, from product feedback or technical help to just plain old shooting the breeze.

I'm highly grateful of the support from our early adopters, and happy to announce that Precision Platforms has officially moved out of the garage and into a temperature-controlled workshop to scale production with more mold tools inbound.
I look forward to hearing from those eager on the XM35 and seeing it put to task throughout the community.

Clive Judd
Precision Platforms


24 Jun 2024
@ 07:23 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Precision Platforms rifle stocks
Well done Clive, good to see the website finally launched! I will probably aim for a webinar next weekend so will send out a mailer which will include your launch.

Its so good to see your business coming to fruition.

I see Hannah just mentioned that she is getting some very good results in her Howa .308 unbedded. Quite timely because its highlights why it took such a long time to perfect the design so that it would, so far as it is possible, suit all body types, male and female etc:

To others, Clive's stocks are discussed in my book - The Practical Guide To long Range Rifles, second edition (see photo and comments on page 61).
24 Jun 2024
@ 12:59 pm (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: Precision Platforms rifle stocks
Hi Clive. The XM35 looks to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Your website says to use the action manufacturer’s torque specs for the action screws. Isn’t that a function of the stock material? For example, Howa recommends 50 inch pounds for their chassis stock, as well as their Hogue stock with pillars. However, Weatherby recommends 35 inch pounds for their synthetic stock without pillars.
24 Jun 2024
@ 02:42 pm (GMT)

Clive Judd

Re: Precision Platforms rifle stocks
Much appreciated Nathan, great to see Hannah's success with her rifle. From memory, Hannah's primary concern was if the stock would fit given her small frame and if it would improve her marksmanship over the factory stock. Its the same query from larger framed individuals who find factory stocks of limited size.

Thanks for this feedback Scott and your question is a good point. I specify the use of factory action screw settings to mitigate the variances within the industry, such as the limitations of plastic floorplates.
The composite matrix in the action area I developed has proven to work with 65 in-lbs of action screw torque, so be it chassis or stock your rifle came from, you can duplicate that, however I believe that every rifle should be considered on a case-by-case basis with an emphasis on accuracy/consistency.
27 Jun 2024
@ 09:00 pm (GMT)

Ben Law

Re: Precision Platforms rifle stocks
great to hear these stocks are now available, especially for tikka's and howa's.
22 Jul 2024
@ 02:00 pm (GMT)

David Lenzi

Re: Precision Platforms rifle stocks
This is fantastic. I will be rooting for your continued growth and success.

I look forward to finding an opportunity here in the future to procure one of your stocks; thanks for taking the time to respond to my earlier inquiry.

I am sure Nathan could go on about this at length, but modern stock design presents a dearth of good options... and plenty of bad ones. It's great to see someone making a stock for people that actually hold the gun when they shoot it.



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