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Long throating the 308 family

27 May 2024
@ 05:26 am (GMT)


I have lengthened the throat on a 308, 7-08 AI and a 260 Rem. This allows the longer bullets to be seated out to about 2.950". The 260 I have been able to seat 143gr Norma Bondstrikes to 2.995".

The 7-08AI has a 21" barrel and I did not see any velocity increase but the pressure signs were down and the brass lasted more than 2 or 3 firings. A Barnes 145gr LRX at about 3020 fps which is a significant increase over a 7-08.

The 260 Rem will push a Barnes 127gr LRX at over 3100fps. Bumping right up against 264 Win Mag performance.

All of the above are built around Savage actions with varying barrel manufacturers.

I am in the process of building a custom rifle and was going to try and get the best of both worlds. A 260 AI with a lengthened throat and a 23" barrel but not the maximum for a 3" action. The idea being to get the increased powder space but not so long a throat that it rules out shorter bullets.

Has anyone done this with a 260 Rem? And what were the results?



18 Jun 2024
@ 12:01 am (GMT)

David Landwehr

Re: Long throating the 308 family
Hi Brian, if you're already bumping up against the 264 win mag with poor brass life I'm not sure while you're chasing more.
I'm getting up near 3100fps with my 260 rem with 130gr eldm but it's a 28" barrel and my brass life is much better than yours.
If you want 264 win mag ballistics, why not chamber for it.


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