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31 Mar 2024
@ 03:33 am (GMT)

brendan wheatley

Good day to you all!
I'm new to the forum.
I've just read my first time through Practical guide to accurizing and maintenance
I just searched in the forum for and threads on chassis's but didn't find anything.
I have a Tikka CTR in a krg bravo chassis and didn't know if bedding was something that is done with such stocks. I just took it to the range and with Hornady ELD match factory it's grouping well. I assume I'll get better with hand loads.
Does anyone have any insight into this as I know they are making some very light weight stocks for mountain rifles.




31 Mar 2024
@ 07:04 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Chassis
Hi Brendon, I wrote about this in book 1 - Rifles (second edition). Its quite a heavy read but goes into all of the pros and cons etc, both regarding Chassis stocks but also, the challenges one may encounter when fitting a Tikka.

Ultimately, I stated that no, you cannot bed this type of stock but that it can be rigid mounted. Thereafter, I referred the reader to the rigid mounting steps in Accurizing and Maintenance. Basically, you have everything you need in the book. Having said this, it does pay to have a good understanding of the Tikka lug design and to understand the why before one starts fiddling around with the how.

I have also made a video series for Tikka owners regarding the factory rifle (shop - video learning) but also uploaded a video to youtube some years back, titled Kapiti Deerstalkers talk. The sound is a bit low sorry but the video provides some information to help shooters get to grips with the design.
06 Apr 2024
@ 02:34 pm (GMT)

brendan wheatley

Re: Chassis
Thanks so much for the information.
I own all your books(a lot to digest).
I'll look for bit you're referring to.
This is my first chassis and it doesn't seem to be picky when loading the 140 ELD-M.
So far 40.08-41.6 H4350 all seem to shoot pretty well.
40.0 gr had a ES of 8 fps with a SD of 3 at 2568
41.6 gr had a ES of 17 with a SD of 7

I've got a lot to learn but I've really been enjoying the more technical part your books go into detail on, and how they are practically centered on hunting vs Punching paper.


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