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Impressed by a YouTube Hunting Video

26 Feb 2024
@ 07:43 pm (GMT)


I just found this very well done video on an elk hunt in Alberta. I was impressed with the guy's cool-headed scientific bullet selection process, as well as his frank description of the emotional state of an ethical hunter after a kill. I also really like that the video was free of the hype, marketing, or fudlore that gun/hunting channels are usually dripping with. I love how he gives a realistic and respectful view of hunting, and I wish that more people saw hunting this way. The relationship he has with his daughter, as well as how he teaches her, is heartwarming and inspiring.

I don't know what the exact bullet placement was on the animals, but it is interesting that the larger bodied elk shot at longer range with the FTX bullet dropped instantly, while the deer shot at closer range with the interlock ran some distance before expiring.

Another good video from this channel:


27 Feb 2024
@ 09:35 am (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: Impressed by a YouTube Hunting Video
Thanks Kevin. He mentioned shot placement on two of the deer and the elk. The first was a heart shot. Another a rear double-lung shot. So he favored the meat-saver shot on deer. The elk was a high shoulder shot, which obviously clipped the spine. He must have chosen the FTX specifically for that shot, knowing it would punch through bone.


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