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Re:- Guide to Basic Rifle Accuracy

10 Feb 2024
@ 01:20 pm (GMT)

M Webster

Read with interest the above article by you.

Totally agree that 1 M.O.A. needs to be " demonstrated" by a client prior to a hunt where shots could extend towards 300 yards or possible more.

Makes one pause and consider that purchasing a Rigby " Highland Stalker Rifle" at circa £ 10, 000 + pounds, which are only guaranteed to shoot and proven by Guns @ Ammo report managing at best 1.5 M.O.A. might be an expensive mistake. That of course is if one actually intends to use it.

Buying into " heritage " is a good enough reason to purchase but purchasing to use is rather difficult to justify.

A £700 pound Weatherby Vangard and etc would seem a more ethical tool for actually using in the field.

As per and inline with your very well informative article.


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