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Sako 90 - anyone seen one (or a technical drawing)?

10 Dec 2023
@ 08:39 pm (GMT)

David Lenzi

Shockingly, the bevy of "everything you need to know" articles about this new rifle model fail to address anything remotely technical. You folks already know what I'm after:

- action size / maximum cartridge length
- recoil lug design
- stock construction / potential for bedding

Anyone seen one of these in the wild? Search-fu expert able to orient me? Thanks.


11 Dec 2023
@ 06:59 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Sako 90 - anyone seen one (or a technical drawing)?
Hi David, You will find notes on this rifle in the latest edition of my rifles book. I would summarize it as being designed for the modern gadget oriented consumer. It consists basically of a lugless action in a plastic stock (and plastic magazine) with an internal chassis. Due to the ongoing issues created as a result of omitting the lug while at the same time lacking a round body to center the receiver, the 'fix' for this particular rifle is two pressure points (raised ali pips) at the beginning of the barrel chassis to force the barrel into a central position within the stock. Cheap and nasty but it seems to work OK.

Generally speaking, Sako make very good barrels. The triggers were good for the past two decades but in recent years, some display a little creep - I think due to over zealous safety concerns etc though it could simply be a slight drop in quality. The trigger is generally easy enough to hone should this ever occur. The trigger weight can generally be adjusted to 1.5 or 1.6lb and most Sako / Tikka owners are familiar with adjusting this within the modern trigger unit.
11 Dec 2023
@ 11:33 pm (GMT)

David Lenzi

Re: Sako 90 - anyone seen one (or a technical drawing)?
Thank you, Sir.

I didn't see it in my Vol 1 or 2, I suppose I was a bit hasty in my search and missed it.

Sako continues to disappoint... I understand that to some extent it's a commentary on the state of the market, but I should think they are capable of a rifle at least as nice as Tikka. That seems like a reasonable ask that leaves me befuddled with each new model they release.


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