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Am I asking to much?

31 Oct 2023
@ 10:20 pm (GMT)

Nathan Stretch

So i live in hamilton and hunt red and sika deer as well as goats.
I have been out of the hunting game for a while but am getting back into it.
I have a 30-06 shooting the 180grain acubonds for deer.
A 243 shooting 95grain targex for goats.

These rifes have worked perfectly and I am happy with them.

But i have these two children
and they want to start shooting
and i had a nabour selling a 308 for quite a deal

so now i have a 308
that is shortned and suppressed
it came with 180 rounds of 150grain winchester ammunition.

I have been shooting goats with the 308 and the projectiles worked perfectly. All the goats we shot were under 50 yards and shot placment was good. the exit wounds we large and violent.

I want to teach the kids to shoot and hunt with the 308 as it is pretty mild with the suppressor on but im worried about the softer bullet on red deer. If I am going by myself ill take the 30-06 but if the children are around ill take the 308 just in case they are have the opertunity to get a deer.

I have had very poor and very inhumane proformance from the 180grain acubond on goats and i have had the oposite but equally upsetting proformance with the targex on deer. So i am not wanting to repeat those mistakes.

After reading though what I must say is a vast amount of information on this website about the 308 i have tentativly settled on the 150grain hornady inerlock.

The question is am i makeing a good choice or am i compromising to much to get somthing that does neither as well as it could?

The other option is choose a deer specific load for the 308 and supress the 243 for the children as well. 243 stays the goat gun and 308 becomes the deer gun.

Im probably overthinking this but after having two rifles that have not let me down in the slightest on the appropriate game Im loathed to give up that humane and comforting edge.

P.S. the 30-06 is my gun and those sticking fingered little buggers wont be getting there hands on it. :)


01 Nov 2023
@ 06:31 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Am I asking to much?
Hi Nathan, no you are not asking too much. The .308 is the best choice for this application.

The ideal scenario would be to use a relatively heavy but soft and fast expanding projectile. Fast and full expansion quite obviously ensure a broad wound. The inherent mild velocity (low resistance / bullet stress at the target) helps ensure adequate penetration Mild velocity also helps to keep recoil down. All of this can be achieved in a suppressed .308. The trouble is, best results are obtained with mild hand loads.

If you have hand loading equipment, try loading the 165gr SST with 2206h (H4895) powder. Try 38 grains powder for 2400fps and see how the rifle behaves / recoils etc. The SST will produce an acceptably broad wound on goats to Reds out to several hundred yards, behaving in a consistent manner throughout. All game will run to some extent with bullet strikes behind the front leg but internal wounding / bleeding is as much as can be expected. Wounding and game reactions are much the same as your current Win ammo if used at ranges of between 100 and 200 yards.

If the suppressor is fully effective and recoil is low enough for your children, you can build up to 43gr or so (2650fps) if you want to.

If you are not a hand loader, you could possibly perform some experiments with the 165gr Superformance ammo. This ammo is truly fast but it will lose some speed in a short barrel. Provided the suppressor is effective, it may possibly work.

All the best.

01 Nov 2023
@ 10:01 pm (GMT)

Nathan Stretch

Re: Am I asking to much?
Thank you for that answer.

Yes i will be hand loading so the 165 grain sst sounds like a good solution.

It is funny how our preconceptions can get in the way of finding solutions.
I really wouldnt have thought about running somthing bigger than a 150 but when i think about it the only reason is that everyone says 150s run the best in 308 no actual evidence or thought.

Thank again for the help I really appricate it.


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