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Just some personal bullet and rifle updates...

22 Oct 2023
@ 06:01 am (GMT)

Daniel Schindler


The following updates are submitted humbly. I offer them solely for information purposes. The updates are from my experiences, not just opinions or speculation. I hope they prove helpful to someone.

FWIW…while I don’t have the time to be at the reloading bench or range as much as I’d like, I do take my reloading and shooting very seriously. I’m meticulous and stay inside the reloading manual data. If I had the time and means, I’d visit with Nathan and take up all his time showing me how to SAFELY develop better ballistics outside of the manuals. I greatly respect that skill…which I don’t have.

First, a bullet update. On certain cartridges, I know Nathan’s second edition LR book chapters by heart. The pages are covered with my personal notes. And, for a very long time, he’s been kind enough to respond to my questions. As I was preparing for a recent hunt…Sept 2023…per Nathan’s recommendations…I settled on the Sierra 168 gr TMK for my .308. The SA Waypoint 2020 put this handloaded bullet (5 shot groups) under .5 moa at 100 yards, consistently. Just me personally now…reasonably or not…I expect this from my rifles and loads. The rifle and load did not disappoint at the range, nor did it fail to meet my expectations on the hunt.

While one man’s single shot can not establish any future expectations or guarantees on a bullet’s performance…the deer I killed was dead before it hit the ground. The bullet performed as Nathan predicted it would. To say I was pleased would be an understatement. Thank you Nathan. I will be using this rifle and load combination again, hopefully in the near future.

A rifle update…

For some folks, rifle choices can be very personal. I am one. For me, accuracy comes first. I’m willing to do the work, reloading to extract that accuracy. MOA is acceptable. Better is my personal goal.

I cannot afford custom rifles so must choose a factory rifle carefully with accuracy at the forefront. I recently acquired a Savage 110 Classic rifle in .243. That its wood stock is “old school” appealed to me. At the range with my 75 gr V-Max, I was very pleasantly surprised to discover just how accurate this rifle was / is. Trigger set to its lightest setting, the rifle / load produced something very close to one-hole, 5 shot groups. The stock’s adjustability features means a perfect fit for me as I do not meet the “average” shooter profile. A real plus for me.

I am a 7 Rem Mag fan. For many good reasons, have been for a very long time. That my Classic .243 rifle brings home so many advantages for me personally, I have another Classic incoming in 7 Rem Mag. Will update after having spent some time with it.

Hope this finds you well and in good spirits.



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23 Oct 2023
@ 08:40 am (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: Just some personal bullet and rifle updates...
Hi Dan. Savage is clearly the most innovative US rifle maker. One-size-fits-all stocks make no sense. I knew about their Accustock, but not their adjustable wood stock. As the author of the review points out, the adjustable comb allowed him to make a minor adjustment for prone shooting with that big scope. So it’s even better than the Accustock, which is not infinitely adjustable.

I wouldn’t waste money on a custom rifle either, unless I had to have a wildcat gun. Looking at a new Savage bore with a Borescope is probably scary. But don’t you want some lizard skin for resistance, as opposed to a slick, mirror finish that requires just the right amount of fouling to shoot well, and that you’re afraid to clean? If I had a custom rifle, I’d worry if it got wet, or dirty, or scratched.

The 110 floating bolt head has been around for awhile. Tried and true - no lapping required. Bergara stole the idea for their premium rifle line. Plus, there’s no easier rifle to rebarrel. You can do it yourself, if your factory barrel turns out to be a dud. The recoil lug is keyed, or indexed to the action. All you need is a common vice, a wrench for the nut, and a set of go/no go gauges.

What could possibly go wrong? Nothing.
24 Oct 2023
@ 03:41 am (GMT)

Daniel Schindler

Re: Just some personal bullet and rifle updates...

Thanks for adding your very informative comments. Much appreciated. Good to know because I didn't. Still learning here.....

IMHO, the Classic wood stock won't win the beauty pageant. Don't care. It fits me and the rifle performs above expectations. Hoping the incoming Classic in 7 Mag proves close to the .243's POI performances.




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