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Tikka T3X in 25-06

08 May 2023
@ 12:21 pm (GMT)

Michael Roach

lHave come across a Tikka 25-06 ( stainless)with about 2 boxes of Ammo been put athrough her for a good price. thoughts on the suitability for a lightweight accurate deer/Goat rifle. I hunt for food on the table ( mostly fallow/ sika red deer hinds). Most of my shots are within 100m and cant really invisage using it past 300m. and what work would she require ? thinking forestock stabilisation. front/back piller bedding which I would pay a professional to do..


09 May 2023
@ 07:23 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Tikka T3X in 25-06
Hi Michael, a proportion of guys selling 'fired about two boxes of ammo rifles' do unfortunately misword things slightly. What they sometimes mean to say is - it never got past the 'trying to get it to group phase' - using multiple brands of ammo but amounting to about two boxes fired.

When a rifle is sold this new, you must assume that it did not live up to expectations.

The .25-06 is the one bore that Tikka / Sako do seem to struggle with a bit. Some of these rifles are simply poor shooters (I think perhaps due to the reamer design). The barrel is also a little short for a .25-06 (made even shorter when people dock further to fit a muffler). What I am trying to say here is that there is a risk with this purchase.

But - there is also a possibility that the rifle bucked about during test shooting. Good solid technique may be all that is required to get this rifle shooting well.

I do not recommend launching straight into stabilizing and bedding this particular rifle or having any work done by some (imaginary) professional. Please pay attention to the method laid out in the accurizing book and or the Tikka set up / shoot it straight video. Perform full load development before looking into bedding or trying to find somebody with an adenoid issue to fix the rifle.

Yes, unfortunately this one is a little risky. Hope that helps a bit.
03 Dec 2023
@ 08:51 pm (GMT)

Rusty W

Re: Tikka T3X in 25-06
I’ve been using my Tikka T3x 25-06 for 4 years now and I absolutely love it. I chose the T3x because I’m relatively skinny and wanted a light weight rifle to carry and low recoil. I use mine for Whitetail deer in Pennsylvania. I’ve harvested 5 doe and a coyote and have dropped every one where they stood. All within 100 yards. It’s devastating on deer. My 11 year old boy just got his first doe a few days ago, again instant drop. I use Hornady 117gr SST and 110gr ELD-X. It’s very accurate and hasn’t let me down yet. Assuming it doesn’t have accuracy issues I’d say use it and reap the rewards.


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