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Podcast ballistic studies

19 Apr 2023
@ 07:13 pm (GMT)

Mario Ribicic

Just saying, I think Nathan needs to start a ballistic studies podcast.

What do you guys think?



03 May 2023
@ 08:02 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Podcast ballistic studies
Hi Mario, I have run a few webinars in the past (see my youtube channel). I probably need to start these again at some stage though by the lack of responses to your post, I am not sure if anyone will be interested. I do nevertheless enjoy engaging with my readers via webinar type platforms. I tend to work best when folk have specific questions (i.e. troubleshooting issues). I am not so good at making a speech about a topic.

I am not sure about podcasts (the type where I interview others in the industry). Interviewing is a bit outside my wheelhouse though I suppose I could give it a go to see what comes of it.

If you guys want another webinar at some stage, let me know. We can try using the Jitsi platform again, though I need to get my camera sorted as I mucked it up last time around.

07 May 2023
@ 07:14 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: Podcast ballistic studies
I'd tune in.

I've got some dramas with my rifle, though to be honest it is incredibly likely my load. I'll do a post up and run it through.

Peace always.

10 May 2023
@ 11:11 pm (GMT)

Michael Seager

Re: Podcast ballistic studies
I'd be interested.
11 May 2023
@ 05:31 am (GMT)

Magnus Vassbotn

Re: Podcast ballistic studies
I'd definitely tune in this time aswell. I picked up a couple of new points last time.

05 Jun 2023
@ 06:39 pm (GMT)

Dustin Kerr

Re: Podcast ballistic studies
I would be keen too Nathan. Even if I miss the date watching on YouTube or another platform would be great.
10 Jun 2024
@ 03:39 am (GMT)


Re: Podcast ballistic studies
I'd just like to "nudge' this post.
23 Jun 2024
@ 07:37 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Podcast ballistic studies
Hi Brad, OK, will try to set something up. I am thinking Zoom, a webinar, free to customers, maybe next Sunday 7am NZ time (USA Saturday noon to mid afternoon).

Trouble is, I don't have any topics / wheelbarrows I want to push as per the general hotshots making noise these days. The more they blab, the less I want to say anything so I am pretty boring these days. I would rather listen to you guys and see where you are at and then try to help if I can.


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