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Action truing/blueprinting - aftermarket bolts - aftermarket extractors

18 Jan 2014
@ 12:18 pm (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras Alonso-Lamberti

I´m thinking that this will be my next improvement to my rifles, if time, money and wife permits.

But here is difficult to find a good gunsmith to do that so, before to make the effort and investment, want to know your thoughts and experiences.

It seem to be a good idea to truing the action. But I think that square the receiver can help only if the lug and barrel are allso squared. Maybe that´s the reason to buy an aftermarket recoil lug (like Nathan´s M700 in the "7 practical" article). Otherwise, I don´t know the benefits of an aftermarket recoil lug. And never hear about barrel being trued. I know that the threads were recuted, but what about the "faces" of the barrel (inside the threads and the part wich contacts the lug)?

Im thinking in get a PTG truing kit (, bt don´t know if this can be "easy" done at home, by hand, or the result will be not better (even worst) than before. It´s better to do it on a mill?

Some of you know thaqt i´m having troubles with a M700 sendero rifle, some of them concerning the action/bolt. Is an aftermarket bolt a good improvement? If so, why?

Last, there are aftermarket M700 bolts featuring a sako style extractor. Or gunsmiths that upgrades factory bolts. What are the benefits of this stractors?

Nathan, have you thinked of this to add to your accurising services? I know trueflite trued your M700, why you didn´t do that at home?

Lots of questions, i know, but maybe very usefull to some.


18 Jan 2014
@ 01:10 pm (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras Alonso-Lamberti

Re: Action truing/blueprinting - aftermarket bolts - aftermarket extractors

When I say "blueprint in the mill" I mean todo that in a lathe.

My apologies.
18 Jan 2014
@ 06:59 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Action truing/blueprinting - aftermarket bolts - aftermarket extractors
Hi Alvaro, once the receiver is trued on the M700, the factory barrel cannot be re-used because as you have noted, it has not been trued and at times the threads do not match. The normal process is to remove the barrel, true the action, then fit a new barrel.

The PTG kit is for use on a lathe. It is up to you whether you want to explore this. If there are no appropriate services in your locvation, this could be an opportunity for you? PTG also provide instructional DVD's that you can utilize to get started. But as with anything, it takes some time to master machining and best to start on very cheap rifles to allow yourself room to make mistakes.

One thing that I want you all to understand here, is that it is very important to not get too hung up on truing etc without giving your rifle a good chance. Too often folk give up on a rifle when all it needed was some basic mods and attention to load work and shooting technique- even if the rifle is not completely square.

I am not in a position to do any machining at the moment Alvaro for two reasons. The first is that I have been so busy with the site, books and answering mail, that I am now in the role of educator. The second reason is that we have moved house and for now, nearly all of my kit is locked away in a shipping container. I do not see any of this changing in the short term because it is taking me up to 9 hours per day to answer mail and posts etc, plus I have to fit writing in. I am set up for basic bedding work and am able to perform some other tasks, but I have been utilizing True-Flite almost exclusively for machine shop work for a few years now. If you read back through the blog, you will also see that I had an immensely debilitating illness for some time, just as everything was coming together. Recovery has been very slow. True-Flite have a very large machine shop, far larger than I could ever hope to obtain so it is natural to utilize their expertise.

Life certainly takes us in unexpected directions.


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