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bedding a houge overmold stock

16 Apr 2023
@ 06:45 am (GMT)

Randy Leunissen

Anyone have any experience bedding the houge overmold stocks? It is the model with the full length aluminum bed block with aluminum rod in fore-end channel. I have heard complaints on these stocks, but it is here and free.

Putting together a in a project rifle. 35 Whelen. Douglas #4 1:12 barrel, BRNO VZ24 m98 action.

Thinking of light bedding at tang & recoil lug area. Also thought about bedding around aluminum rod in fore-end.

Any thoughts, comments, experiences???

Thanks Randy


16 Apr 2023
@ 06:53 am (GMT)

Randy Leunissen

Re: bedding a houge overmold stock
also concern with bedding compound bonding to the stock???
16 Apr 2023
@ 09:09 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: bedding a houge overmold stock
Hi Rany, I have covered this in the instructions for our bedding and stabilizer compounds (note however that the compounds are currently only available in NZ and Australia). You will nevertheless be able to find what you are looking for within the instructions, provided you read the article carefully rather than skim reading.

This is not an easy project because you have a couple of major issues to contend with. The first is the rubber (upper 50%) of the stock. The second issue is the difficulty of setting the height correctly / exactly regarding the gap between your magazine (floorplate assembly) and the bottom of the receiver, this being a critical factor when bedding the 98 (again see bedding instructions). If you do not have long term experience with epoxy bedding, this adds a third variable / difficulty to an already complex work piece.

You could bed the Hogue stock if you want to. Prior experience bedding rifles would help a good deal. Otherwise, look to rigid mounting as discussed in the book series.



The book series:
17 Apr 2023
@ 02:51 am (GMT)

Randy Leunissen

Re: bedding a houge overmold stock
Thank you Nathan,
I will review these articles on the knowlegebase. I already own and have read your book series. They are full of great information and sit beside my reloading manuals on the bench. I will review content in the rifle guide and the accurizing guide. Love your books. My only complaint is I wish the photos where in color.

I know your bedding compounds are not available in the USA. I have some acuglass but have been looking at other compounds (JB weld, Devcon, and Marine Tex gray). Any preferences or comments on these compounds?

I won't skim read. I will read again. I also follow a couple YouTube sites with great information. GunBlue 490 and The Real Gunsmith. I am sure many on this forum watch these guys also. GunBlue 490 has a good instructional video on bedding. I have watched multiple times. Bedding will be a new endeavor for me and I do plan to bed my M700 30/06 in wood stock that it came in first for the experience.

The folks at Douglas currently have my action. They are good people and their facility is just an hour and 15 minute drive from my farm and hunting area. When I get it back I will look to rigid mounting and see how it groups and go from there. If bedding this stock proves too difficult, I may just get another stock. I already had it so I will see how it performs.

Ammo and reloading components are limited these days. I have some factory loads from Barnes (200 grain TTSX) and plan to do initial bench work with them. These bullets are available and I will use the brass for future reloads. I have be debating with myself as to the power I will use. RL15 is available and I have been leaning that way. I have a few pounds of WXR and 4898 pull down powder already so thought about those powers also.

Anyway again thank you for your reply and your support and teachings for the hunting and shooting community. You and the folks mentioned on YouTube are great resources and your knowledge is respected.



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