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mod 70 crf classic stainless 308 feeding issues -original trigger pre moa unit

05 Mar 2023
@ 05:44 pm (GMT)

Paul Hales

Afternoon all,
I recently picked up a mod 70 as above that doesn't like feeding rounds from the left hand side of the 5 shot internal mag, right hand side no worries.
From internet research it seems to be relatively common. I've owned 2 others which fed beautifully.
The round from the left starts heading right the moment the bolt face makes contact especially when worked slowly , like when at the bench, it will generally feed straight when worked fast but not always.
Its almost like the left side rail doesn't let the round go soon enough and also the top/high edge of the feed ramp slopes down to the right. When the projectile moves out of the mag it touches this top edge first and slides right sometimes it corrects, mostly it doesn't, when it doesn't it goes far enough right to jam against the square edge of the extractor slot on the right hand side, I then have to push down and rear wards to clear.
I've fiddled with mag box shape and sometimes I think I've got it , but not really, I've polished any surface, the round can touch on its way out, just to removed burrs of which there are plenty, but that hasn't fixed it.

Any other ideas out there other than a gunsmith and a milling machine to correct feed rails and ramps??
Thanks guys Paul


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