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First time bedding job Rem 700 CDL (should I pull early possible trapped safety)

26 Feb 2023
@ 12:54 pm (GMT)

Michael Roach

Hey guys, did a full length bedding job on a Rem cdl (wooden stock and my first ,spent alot of time dermelling and sanding my classic wooden stock to create enough space to for compound, put plenty of boot polish and graphite over entire action however when I dropped action into mortice I had alot of compound push out and it appears to have oozed in around the safety I did cotton bud alot of it out (begginers problems) am just wondering do I pull action out early? been bedded approx 24 hours in order to clean up? or do I leave until completely hardened.. am a bit worried to be honest


27 Feb 2023
@ 06:54 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: First time bedding job Rem 700 CDL (should I pull early possible trapped safety)
Hi Michael, you may have already pulled the job by the time you read this.

Ideally the trigger should be removed before bedding.

The compound will have gone hard within 12 hours but initially remains brittle. The post cure phase after this allows the compound to toughen. If you pull early, you may see some shattering. But If the job has been kept relatively warm, it may have achieved much of its post cure in 24 hours.

If compound has leached into the trigger unit, it may be a little difficult to remove the barreled action from the bedding and may have mucked up the trigger (a bad mistake but a good excuse to buy an aftermarket unit).

If the concern is around compound seeping into the safety inlet of the stock and not the actual safety unit of the trigger, this is not so bad, can easily be ground away. If you want to, you can send photos directly to me. Will see if I can determine anything.

Just take it slowly, its not catastrophic, focus on preserving the receiver. Remember the rifles book - the receiver is the heart of the platform, all other aspects can if necessary be treated as superfluous to this.



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