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.270 Win for Coyotes?

13 Feb 2023
@ 12:08 pm (GMT)

Daniel Schindler

Greetings everyone.

A privilege...I appreciate being here in your good company.

A very long time fan of the .270 Winchester for the many reasons / advantages, I won't bore you with with those excellent traits. I do have a few questions. I'm in unchartered territory in this matter.

Yes, I know the .270 is a bit much for Coyotes. Doesn't matter to me personally. I care more about and have been invited to help some local farmers / plantation owners...not pelts.

My questions are primarily about 2 things. 1) bullet choice(s) and 2) accuracy with those bullets.

I'm considering the 110 gr V-Max. Will stay inside reloading manual guidelines.

If you have any .270 "varmint" experience, please share any thoughts and recommendations.

Thank You kindly.




13 Feb 2023
@ 01:46 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: .270 Win for Coyotes?
This I DO HAVE,many years of shooting wallabies,very thin skinned,body size from 10-30kgs.
over the years I ve shot them with projectiles ranging from 100----150grn. the heavies when hd run out of usual load with many shots fired for morning.
far and away the very best load I used was old school winchester silvertip 130grn....the ballistic tip version will be just ABOUT as good as have shot many with normal ballistic tips.
I used the hornady flat based hp its either 100 or more likely110grn.... its AWESOME if you can get it to shoot straight....and in reality for me sub 2" was more than enough as 90% of shots are under 200 yards. the terminal results from thse are dramatic to say the least...wound cavity is very much like a 1.5ltr plastic coca cola bottle...just pure mush and huge jellied area around it. shot placemet was pretty much irrelevant,the shock and damage is just so extreme. the vmax SHOULD be very similar as its pretty much replaced what I was using.
that said...... the bog std cup n core 130grn range work well too with one proviso..the softer the better,something a tad hard will pass through chest so easily it wont expand worth a damn,will kill but will be slower than ideal.
soft n fast will be your friend here. fast but no need to beat yourself up hot of load would win hands down for me all day long.
if the wee vmax groups even semi respectably use it...but have 2nd heavier load on hand that is really accurate for the longer shots....
14 Feb 2023
@ 05:44 am (GMT)

Daniel Schindler

Re: .270 Win for Coyotes?
Well said Mike.

I'm greatly looking forward to this project. This particular rifle is very accurate so I'm confident my handloads will perform out to considerable distances with the 110gr.

Thank you for your reply.



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