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D'Arcy Echols New Proprietary Receiver - Worth a Look

10 Feb 2023
@ 06:40 am (GMT)

Ricardo Laborin

Hi All,

Just bumped into this from Echols & Co, would be cool to better understand and see if Nathan shares D'Arcy's opinions on engineering the best.




10 Feb 2023
@ 07:37 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: D'Arcy Echols New Proprietary Receiver - Worth a Look
Hi Ricardo, D"Arcy is a friend of mine but due to the demands of business, we had been out of touch for some years. Coincidentally, D'Arcy actually made contact yesterday for a shop talk regarding current trends. He did not mention his new receiver so this is also new to me.

D'Arcy has always been a big fan of the M70 layout. He likes the control feed / large non-rotating extractor, three position safety and generally robust design. Looking at his blog post, you can see from the design that he has taken it back to the original (superior) trigger and also put some thought into user friendliness regarding epoxy bedding. The mounts look to be canted by .010 or roughly 10 MOA depending on the action length. I am not sure how the mount system might accommodate further canting for long range. The rear integral mount may also prove unsuitable regarding modern bulky zoom rings versus eye relief, placing the ocular of some scopes at the comb (hence the Leupold extended system for the M70). The net result of such positioning is generally poor shooting / flinching. The addition of holes to suit the flat underside Tikka rail could perhaps be a fix for scope positioning / eye relief issues but a canted variant would result in up to 30 MOA cant.

I am also not sure whether the mag lengths are suitable for the latest long range pills. Mag boxes seems to catch everyone out these days. If the action is made in three lengths, it may be possible to step up to the next length if required, making some alterations to suit.

These are all very tough questions to ask after so much work has gone into the design. No wonder industry peers normally avoid me like the plague.

10 Feb 2023
@ 11:54 pm (GMT)

Ed Sybert

Re: D'Arcy Echols New Proprietary Receiver - Worth a Look
The issues pointed out by Nathan not withstanding, it looks very interesting and suitable for many hunting rifle builds. Any idea what the price will be? Regards, Ed
13 Feb 2023
@ 12:59 pm (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: D'Arcy Echols New Proprietary Receiver - Worth a Look
The original Model 70 trigger seems safer to me than the enclosed triggers on modern rifles, because the end user can inspect, clean, adjust, and lubricate its working parts. There’s no need for an intermediate actuating lever to lessen the force required on the trigger to release the sear engagement. The question is, Can you trust the safety? When a sear is released by pulling the trigger, the lateral force of the firing pin spring overrides the vertical force of the sear spring. Safeties operate by either blocking the sear from moving downward from the force of the firing pin spring, or by compressing the firing pin spring slightly with a cam that prevents the firing pin from traveling forward. In either case, the trigger to sear engagement can be interrupted by squeezing the trigger. If the user pulls the trigger, the trigger disengages from the sear. Nothing happens because the firing pin spring is blocked from overriding the sear spring. The trigger spring must be able to reengage with the sear when the safety is returned to the firing position. If crud or corrosion prevents this, accidental discharge is likely. I’ve heard people say, “Never trust a safety,” or “Never carry a round in the chamber.” Who really follows that advice?


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