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10 Oct 2022
@ 06:28 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Please be careful if purchasing reloading components that arent brand new and still factory sealed....
as some of you know I blew up a rifle a year back by using gifted powder that wasnt what I was told it was.
just in last few days Ive seen photos of a once beautiful zastava mauser .270w ..that is no longer beautiful...its in pieces having blown up ,luckily not damaging owner too badly...he had bought a box of sierra gamechanger amongst the .277 projectiles was a few..yes not just one... .284 projectiles,and being boattailed they slipped in without fella noticing the difference.
now having loaded 7.62x39mm case with both .308 and .311 projectiles I will say I never felt any difference at all,so something with twice the difference would be just the same...
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be careful and if you have any of the projectiles mentioned,run your fancy measuring tool over them before loading them.

Nosler had the right idea years ago..colour code for calibre...Ive always wondered why the others didnt run with it.

the photos are on NZHS forum along with the tale of woe... please be careful folks,I know components are in short supply,but we only get one set of eyes and fingers.


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