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A-tip Terminal Ballistics

20 Sep 2022
@ 12:19 pm (GMT)

Stan leenders

Hey good people,

I've been loading the ELDM for a while now but find them to becoming like Yeti poo unless your a millionaire in NZ.

Ive played with the A-tips and had results that vary in performance in the 7mm and 6.5mm on game.

Currently setting up a 300 WM and wonder people thoughts on the 230g A-tip?
Thanks guys.


21 Sep 2022
@ 06:40 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: A-tip Terminal Ballistics
Hi Stan, it is the same as you have already stated, performance varies depending on the impact velocity and target resistance. If you want to use it, go for it but take time to study internal wounding out at 1800fps and beyond. Set your limits based on observed wounding vs your local game weights.


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