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current super grade winchester

28 Aug 2022
@ 11:33 am (GMT)

richard young

hey fellas, new member , long time follower of this site . first of i would like to thank nathan for his research on rifles and cartridges which has been invaluable to me . i currently have a sako 85 grizzly in 9.3x62 , which i recently used on a trip to the north of australia . took buff with 250 barnes and large pigs and wild horses with 285 lapua mega's and 270 speer . cartridge performance was quite good , as i took advantage of the generous free bore to seat out for more powder for quicker loads . BUT , despite being a beautiful rifle , some of the sako 85 quirks are annoying me . my rifle is silly accurate , and feeds and ejects flawlessly . only because i have my vx3 loopy turned 90 degrees to the left so there's no scope turret over the ejection port ! that and the weird recoil mount screwed into the stock which has been problematic for some .
which brings me to my current question . what's the general consensus on current production crf win 70's ? i'm considering getting a 30-06 super grade and rebarreling to 9.3x62 to get away from the sako's quirks . i'm also considering a build on a L61R sako. i have a custom one already in 30-06 and it's a qaulity bit of gear . i'm not interested in a m98 as the mag length is not as generous for seating out . any advice or opinions would be appreciated . cheers


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