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Sauer 100

23 Aug 2022
@ 07:25 am (GMT)


Is there someone who knows more about the action and recoil lug desing in Sauer 100 rifle. Is it something to avoid or is there potential to use as build.


25 Aug 2022
@ 10:00 pm (GMT)

Jussi Riikari

Re: Sauer 100
I think I already found my answer from previous thread where Nathan commented the Mauser M18 that is pretty much same thing. It sounds like no-go. Well here at Finland we have plenty of Tikka and Sako rifles lying around second hand to make any build.
26 Aug 2022
@ 07:16 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Sauer 100
Hi Jussi, sorry for the slow reply, been under the hammer lately.

Yes, best to avoid this type of thing, the trappings of modern low cost production etc. Issues include the fake finish - rifle has stainless look paint, not actual stainless (exactly like one of those cheap fake stainless bathroom fittings made in China that eventually rust). The receiver is held into the stock via something akin to a Dynabolt. The receiver has no lug and instead relies on a block epoxied to the plastic stock.

You'll get a better run for your money if you can find an agent for the Spanish Bergara rifle.

All the best.


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