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More 7mm-08 Loads

06 Jan 2014
@ 06:26 pm (GMT)

Mark Whitaker

Happy New Year to you all.

Over the last month I have been to the range to break in my 300 WM and do some more load development on the 7mm-08.

The 162gr A-Max load of 41gr of Benchmark 8208 where showing a consistent sharp edge around the firing pin mark on the primer so I reduce the load to 40.5gr and the sharp edge disappeared with 2750 fps ES 15 very hot day 35C and high humidity. 1 inch at 200 yards. Norma brass Federal 210 primers.

I also tested a 120gr VMax. Best load was 43.5gr Benchmark 8208 no pressure signs, 3100 fps ES 13 and just under 1 inch at 200 yards. Federal brass and Federal 210 primers.

As a comparison factory Federal 150gr SP loads on the same day gave 2780 fps.

Rifle is a REM 700 Mountain SS, 22 inch barrel .55 inch muzzle, B&C stock not bedded yet, Jewell Trigger 1lb, 2 piece night force 20MOA bases, Nightforce Ultralight rings with 1 inch reducer and Mino ZA5 1.5-8 Scope.

Has anyone else tried the Benchmark 8208 yet?



09 Jan 2014
@ 01:39 pm (GMT)


Re: More 7mm-08 Loads
Not yet but I will certainly keep my eyes open for it on the shelves,,, the shelves are still a bit bare of components here in Canada still and its a wee bit cooler than 35C out LOL,,,, Thanks for sharing!! Aj


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