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Help on Cartidge Idendification

26 Jul 2022
@ 10:20 pm (GMT)


Hi Everyone

A bit of a sticky question in depressing circumstances, any help appreciated.

My Uncle has just passed away leaving a fairly extensive rifle collection to deal with. His passion was largely single shot falling block actions in rimfire and small centrefire calibres built on BSA Martini, Ruger Number 1, Winchester Low Wall and Stephens Favourite actions. The calibre range is .22 long, 17HM2, 17HMR, 17REM Fireball,17 Hornet, 20 Pratical, .22 Hornet, .22 K Hornet, .222 and .223.

He re-barrelled and chambered but didn't stamp with cartridge specs because of course he didn't need to, sadly we do.

Has anyone got a good process to follow to ascertain what is what?




28 Jul 2022
@ 01:55 am (GMT)

Ed Sybert

Re: Help on Cartidge Idendification
To reduce the possibility of errors, you will probably need to make (or have made) casts of the chambers. Then the casts can be measured and compared to SAAMI chamber specifications. -Ed
29 Jul 2022
@ 08:39 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Help on Cartidge Idendification
dont over think it..... you can easily work out the bore size....
your uncle will have cartridges somewhere... so already you are 2 parts of the puzzle into the answer....

the rimfires will be really easy as not huge amount of cross over or oddball options,simple take best guess and gently try chambering round,its either going to chamber or it wont.

the centrefires will be just the same process.... the K hronet wont chamber in hornet... so as you only have 2 options its 50/50 if you get it right first time. if the hornet fits and the K doesnt...same deal...

just think it through,look at what possibilities there are then systematically tick them off.


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