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The Wobbly Thing

11 Jun 2022
@ 07:18 am (GMT)

Francis Saunders

The wobbly thing.....thanks Vince Smart

Some will know what I'm talking about those from NZ anyway.

Advert in the 80s

Anyway so lets get rid of Vince and instead replace him with Nathan!! Long tall lean Nathan!

So i had the Wobbly thing.

I have had some trouble with my rifle for a bit now. Every 3rd shot on a on a cold barrel at 100y was dropping .1" First 2 on the money but no mater what I tried that 3rd one in the string would drop.

Now I was holding that foreend and had the sling rap, making sure that my shooting technique was consistent and the same each time also following through.

Then I started having feeding issues. Which was almost the last straw....the bursty bit if you have watched the above clip.

So hence the looking for a new rifle. But along came with time on my hands I started to go over the books again.

Hey look the 1oclock test....yep mine failed, not sure maybe the moistuer got in over the last season. But the thing has moved.

The feed issue was the mag well was dropping after loading and unloading only by .6mm but enough for it to effect the feeding of the rounds.

So its back in for a re bed and maybe a stock upgrade.....I did buy two bedding kits before I left NZ.

So the moral of the story keep going over them books and because the Long Lean Nathan is here to save the day!

Im sure Steph must be in here some where but Im not that brave.

Keep up the great work guys stick to the fundamentals and try to dodge the marking hype, hence me looking for that new rifle.

Now I just have to dig up a humane monolith round and Ill be back in business.

Cheers Guys.


11 Jun 2022
@ 07:53 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: The Wobbly Thing
Heck I had forgotten about Vince. Those were such innocent times.

Thanks so much for your kind words Francis.


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