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Good day at the range - 30-06

01 May 2022
@ 10:24 am (GMT)

Daniel Schindler

Please be aware, the following are simply a few updates and a friendly reminder. I consider it a privilege to be able to post here and thought my findings and beliefs might be of interest to someone? When I come here, I come to learn from Nathan and the posts provided by all the good folks like yourselves. Lastly, pls remember, I consider myself having an intermediate skill level in this reloading business. While I follow my reloading manuals to the letter (for decades), I’m lost on internal ballistics – comfortable with external ballistics – always studying / learning on the terminal ballistics side of things.

I’ve always been more of an ‘Connor fan than a Keith. Won’t try to defend that, just have been. A sane shooter has to give Keith’s philosophy merit. I do. And why my Tikka .270 Win has been relegated to my 16 y/o Grandson. The decision has been made to use the 30-06 for everything above coyote and below elk. The 243 handles the yotes and I’m extremely fond of my 35 Whelen for bigger chores.

Based on Nathan’s recommendations, I’ve recently begun to build my inventory of Match bullets in the 200 gr range. My ’06 rifle is a relatively new Vanguard S2. No modifications yet. Trigger is nice, rifle fits me well. Leupold 5 HD at 15x worked flawlessly during my recent range trip with hand loads. Sorry, no chrono, but, with a 24” barrel, I believe velocities will be reasonably close to what the manual states. For me personally, velocities do matter, but are relegated to accuracy.

What follows are all at 100 yards off a bench.

I started with the 150 gr SST’s at approximately 3,000 fps with IMR 4350. Recoil acceptable for this older man. 5 shot groups held 1” with the flier on me, expanding the group to a touch over 1”. Nothing to brag about but certainly acceptable for hunting inside my comfort zone, 400 yards.

Moving to the Sierra 165 gr – 5 shot groups were the same as the SST’s. Again, on me. Trigger will be adjusted or replaced in the near future. Recoil acceptable.

208 ELD M – a nice surprise. Center to center 3 shot groups – 1/2”. Final, 5 shot group, center to center – 3/4". Recoil acceptable, approaching my Whelen.

At the loading bench, I’m very slow. Very meticulous. Cautious. I put a lot of work into preparing for those range results and went home very pleased. YMMV. As I said earlier, this post may not help anyone but I’m grateful for Nathan’s assistance and just wanted to share.

Lastly, by now you know, I’m old school. The link below brought a huge smile to my face and why I’ll probably be using the 200 gr Hot-Cor or Partition later this year. Maybe not the latest and greatest but proven trustworthy.

My reminder:
Rifle General Discussions – page 22 - …boring:

Cheers everyone.



07 May 2022
@ 08:50 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Good day at the range - 30-06
Hi Daniel, thank you for your kind words and for sharing your results. That is very good to see, especially in a factory rifle set up. Weatherby are one of the few gun makers offering a 24" barreled 06 these days (seems hard to find anything other than 6.5 Creedmoor from any gun maker these days).

Glad to hear that it all came together for you. A good practical all around rifle.


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