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Benelli Lupo

02 Apr 2022
@ 06:57 am (GMT)

Robert McLean

Ran into someone shooting one of these at the range in 300 win mag and I was really impressed with the groupings of a factory rifle shooting factory Hornady loads. On that day better than my hand loads, not sure if that says something about my hand loads, my shooting or my gun.... We will just avoid that topic ok.

I got to fire it and I am not a big fan of 300 win mag but I found the recoil on this surprising ok. I liked the feel of it. My Sendero 7mm is lighter recoil with factory hornady, but it is so much heavier in weight.

I am not sure one could bed it at all and the weird bolt kind of through me off. Nice light trigger though. I was strangely attracted to the looks of it. I do have an Benelli shotgun.

Anyone else had an experience with one of these? They want $1800 canadian for it. Senderos are that price here now.


08 Apr 2022
@ 08:02 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Benelli Lupo
Hi Robert, just some basic things to think about.

Mag length - be aware that most of the junk, sorry I mean 'innovative rifles' coming out now, are still based on the standard (M98) receiver length. The mags are getting shorter by the year, OK for factory ammo users / instant gratification, not so much fun for the rest of us. Plastic is also now popular, not the best for long term.

Trigger is unique. Cannot be adjusted below 2.2lb for LR work and no aftermarket options.

Paint or other forms of outer coatings are all very well, but they merely add confusion to an already dumbed down / un-skilled generation. If a blued barrel is rusting on the outer over the course of a 2-3 day hunt, its an indicator that things aren't going well in the bore. A coated barrel gives an illusion that all is well.

Adjustable pitch - how about we just get that right in the first place, then no need to adjust. How about a decent length forend with some girth and maybe some sling studs or must we really re-invent the Ruger boat paddle stock.

Correct, the rifle cannot be bedded if it does not shoot straight. You just have to hope that the chassis lines up OK as per the one you tried.

A large pile of plastic capable of good out of the box accuracy. Kind of reminds me of the Ruger American.


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