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Thomson Encore 243 with 28 inch barrel fluted.

26 Mar 2022
@ 02:37 pm (GMT)

john Yearbury

Any one got one of these, was going to cut down to 22 in and add suppressor, but told because of fluting and button method of rifling cannot do, such a long barrel does it have any benifits.?


27 Mar 2022
@ 03:57 am (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: Thomson Encore 243 with 28 inch barrel fluted.
Hi John. Here’s an article by a guy who tested 308 muzzle velocities by cutting an inch at a time off a barrel, starting at 28 inches. I assume his results would be applicable to any 308-based cartridge.
27 Mar 2022
@ 12:21 pm (GMT)

john Yearbury

Re: Thomson Encore 243 with 28 inch barrel fluted.
I must correct myself, gunsmiths main concern was thickness of barrel and thread size he
actually never said cannot do.
I have a TC 30 30 28yrs old which I had cut to 12in then few years later gunworks threaded and pinned a suspressor on it to make legal.
I purchased encore as very cheap to replace the TC as it runs out of legs.
Gunsmith will look at rifle reduce trigger pull as much as possible then look at suspressor, as I really need as this will be my mini jet boat gun/Bush gun.
Sorry if I caused confusion.
27 Mar 2022
@ 02:00 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Thomson Encore 243 with 28 inch barrel fluted.
yes there definitely are benefits to longer barrel.just ask your wife!!!!!
seriously,you want this for a boat it will go for short walks,not 3 day,multiple mile epic mountainclimb leave barrel at 28" and suppress it at that seriously think about it.... you can in all probability (check to make sure) shoot either with or without suppressor if POI is near enough, for the odd quickly taken shot from boat...or fit suppressor and carry on as usual.
28" barrel vs 18" are 10" closer to target.
put some decent rifle holding mounts in boat so it doesnt get knocked around and scope bumped....and just use it.
yes it will be long and unweildly....but suck it up buttercup,it is what it is. shooting prone with bipod or over backpack,you wont notice it and assumably because its a EBRG/twoforfree you are a sit back and shoot the animal VS stalk in really close.


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