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180gn Smith&Wesson SP RN projectiles for 30-30

20 Mar 2022
@ 08:24 pm (GMT)

John Hodgson

Hello, I am a newcomer here and thisnus my first post.

I am an experienced reloader in several calibres for ordinary hunting and general field loads. Not long distance or high accuracy or esoteric stiff.

I have a qty of the above projectiles. Standard Load Data for 30-30 tops out at 170gn. Cast forums offer individual's various data for 180 and above with noted issues around feed and chambering.

My rifle is a 1984 year Marlin 336 microgrove with a factory18.5 inch barrel in excellent condition. I will have a Vortex Crossfire II Scout Scope on it.

I have several powders suitable or with standard load data for 30-30 to 170gn.

I intend to use 3031 and work up a load from slightly below min load for 170gn, absent other reliable data.

I am interested in others experience or suggestions with 180gn projectiles in 30_30.



21 Mar 2022
@ 08:19 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 180gn Smith&Wesson SP RN projectiles for 30-30
Hi John, I have done this plenty of times myself during experimentation. Just allow 1 grain powder per 10 grains bullet weight. In other words, remove 1 grain powder from both the min and max book loads for the 170gr.

21 Mar 2022
@ 05:18 pm (GMT)

John Hodgson

Re: 180gn Smith&Wesson SP RN projectiles for 30-30
Thks, will do


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