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280 AI grouping issues

23 Jan 2022
@ 07:17 pm (GMT)

Joel Brown

Hi Guys

Unfortunately I missed out on the webinar a few weeks back as I had some questions for you with my 280AI rem 700 outlander stock I own all your books nathan and follow them religiously on this particular rifle bedding has been carried out by previous owners gunsmith and looks sounds seems to pass the 1’oclock test comes in and out of the stock easy.
The 24” Krieger barrel has around 160 loads down it. Everything checks out as in your books.

I’m loading 59gr of 2213sc with 162 eld m @ 2860 FPS any more powder and the wheels seem to fall off with groups opening up to 2.5”
59 gr producer 1” triangular 3 shot groups so I thought I was on the right path it seemed. Iv done 3 loads up and seated the projectile in 50 thou increments all seeming to double group and shoot the same poi with 2 shots touching and one flier..

I’ll try add some photos if I can work it out…

Iv check the internal mag well it seems to move freely with no binding. My technique is spot on handloads are concentric and bedding is sound scope mounts rail everything checks out fine.. I’m a little baffled on this one. Any help or direction would be immensely appreciated lads.



24 Jan 2022
@ 06:36 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 280 AI grouping issues
Hi Joel, give me a call some time (morning). Not ideal trying to work this out via a forum - a useful but limited medium of communication.
24 Jan 2022
@ 03:36 pm (GMT)

Rob Bird

Re: 280 AI grouping issues
Joel, be sure to follow up with conclusions, if you reach any!


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