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Rem 700 Barrel stamp codes

26 Nov 2021
@ 02:00 am (GMT)

Francis Saunders

Hi guys

Hope your all well. As you can see from the title I'm looking into barrel stamp codes.

Ive seen a rather nice .280 stainless rem 700 with a wood stock. The seller is saying its a custom job.

Now I don't think that he means its a "custom shop job" I think that he means its been customised. From what I can see new bolt handle.

So the barrel markings that I'm after answers for are (sorry cant post a photo) EN 30 on the barrel just forward of the action.

So the EN from what I understand is E =(October) N=(2016)

So what's the 30? Thats the big question.

It also has no warning stamped on the barrel. It looks like a good buy.

I will obviously run the tests: Bolt black marker on the back of the lugs. The 1 o'clock test and the rest that are in the book........Ill have to dig it out, think the wife is using it to prop up her shoe rack.


26 Nov 2021
@ 02:04 am (GMT)

Francis Saunders

Re: Rem 700 Barrel stamp codes
It might also be 1993 I dont think is 1966.
26 Nov 2021
@ 09:17 pm (GMT)

Francis Saunders

Re: Rem 700 Barrel stamp codes
Could it be the length of the barrel.
I’ve seen a 25 stamp but then I’ve also seen 41.
The other thing it could be is the assembly line that it came off in the factory?
If you google Remington 700 barrel stamp codes you see a schematic pic, in the pic I see the number 7 in this says assembly. So maybe it’s that.
Any ideas guys?


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