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.35-300 WSM / .35 Sambar / .358 WSM

29 Oct 2021
@ 05:49 pm (GMT)

John D. Hays - New Mexico

Does anyone have personal experience with this wildcat? It looks like it would be easy enough to effect such a rifle from one of my Winchester M70s.


30 Oct 2021
@ 12:13 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: .35-300 WSM / .35 Sambar / .358 WSM
Hi John, Grant (True-Flite NZ) built one when we imported the Manson reamers and a button some time ago. My only advice is that the WSM barrel should not be cut too short (don't push the compact theme too far) as this case design is not all that efficient at a large bore diameter, even when using fast burning powder. Also quite noisy. If possible, try to not go shorter than 22".
26 Jan 2023
@ 07:09 am (GMT)

Michael Scott

Re: .35-300 WSM / .35 Sambar / .358 WSM
John, I wound up with a .35 WSM (Sambar) in a trade. I sent it to Superior Ammunition for a load workup. I'm getting 2700 fps with a 259 grain Hammer bullet and very good accuracy. Superior Ammunition was able to run it up even faster without pressure signs, but accuracy deteriorated. I'm not sure what I'll use the rifle for, but 2700 fps is plenty fast for me and generates substantial recoil.


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