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Video learning, Nathan

29 Oct 2021
@ 09:12 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hi guys, just a note to say that we have changed the way we are selling our videos.

Previously, the videos were hosted with Vimeo as rentals only.

The videos are now sold as direct downloads from this website. This decentralization ensures that you can own and have access to your videos without being reliant on any third party platform (i.e. Vimeo / Youtube etc).

The video files are compressed to mp.4 H264 but the files are still very large so as to maintain high quality. The file size and running time are shown at the top of each page. Instructions for downloading are posted at the bottom of each page. Please read the entire pages thoroughly.

I really hope that you enjoy the vids and find them useful. We put a huge amount of effort into making them.

All the best, Nathan.


29 Oct 2021
@ 05:42 pm (GMT)

John D. Hays - New Mexico

Re: Video learning, Nathan

Thank you, that sounds much better. I like to refer back to the videos to clarify something I thought I understood.
07 Nov 2021
@ 12:53 pm (GMT)

Florida Cracker

Re: Video learning, Nathan
Nathan - Followed the link to the M77 video and it still references the Vimeo rental just before it discusses the new download. FYI
08 Nov 2021
@ 07:23 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Video learning, Nathan
Hi Florida, hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Sounds like your browser is showing a saved version. After going to the page, try hitting ctrl and F5 at the same time (clear the old data).

Maybe that will work. All the best.


We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.