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Woodleigh hydro-stabilized

12 Oct 2021
@ 07:30 am (GMT)


I posted this in the wrong forum originally...

Nathan, I am most interested in your assessment of the Woodleigh hydrostatically stabilized bullet, information I have not been able to find on your site. I value your insight. I know of your distain for all copper bullets but I am hoping nonetheless for your best assessment. This is certainly not a topic for long range shooting but here it is: I have a 9.3x53 rifle that comfortably shoots the 232 HS Woodleigh bullet at between 2400 and 2500 fps. I hunt only elk. Is the company hype really that, or is this the real deal. I was impressed by the film depicting a bovine instantly reduced by a .375 Winchester and the HS Woodleigh...
Thank you.......Dave


13 Oct 2021
@ 12:22 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Woodleigh hydro-stabilized
Hi Dave, any bullet of this nature (including Keith style) is only as good as the impact velocity it strikes at because it is reliant on hydraulic force (water moving away from the path of the bullet) Bullet frontal area does however have a major effect. A flat point .458 will for example create a larger wound than a 9.3 at the same impact velocities. Weight also has an effect. Although high weight should equate to high energy - this energy exists merely as potential only. To dump that energy, the bullet needs to meet high resistance. A wide and fast moving bullet with a low SD dumps the greatest amount of energy.

If I was to hazard a guess as to how your load will go on your local game out to about 150 yards, I would say that if the shot strikes behind the shoulder, the wound will look near identical to .308 Win generic factory soft point ammo, but with deeper penetration. Realistically, it will work best inside 50 yards / above 2400fps. Wounding may be somewhat more dramatic if you strike the shoulder bone (as you should attempt with such a bullet design). Wounding will decrease dramatically at extended ranges. Try to avoid impact velocities below 2200fps.

Just be mindful of all the BS in this game, including buzzwords like cavitation etc. Its basic hydraulic force / joules that we are looking here. This is not really any different to firing a regular bullet backwards. The key is to make sure the bullet weight and impact velocities work within your setting (methods / local game weights / ranges). Any other input including mine is meaningless compared to your own findings.

All the best.
13 Oct 2021
@ 01:12 pm (GMT)

Dave Sigurslid

Re: Woodleigh hydro-stabilized
Thank you, Nathan. Perhaps I'll stick with the Hawk 232g with the .035 jacket for my 9.3. It has worked well in the past.


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