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Whats the best rifle you've ever owned

28 Aug 2021
@ 11:21 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Mine was a Miroku Lever Action 22LR. Sadly it's stuck in Queensland Australia. It was a laser beam and hit where you pointed it. It was Light fast and easy to use and keep it clean and it was a no fuss rifle....
Who else has a Gun,Rifle,Pistol that's a good functional Tool..... Cheers all

I found this write up and liked the passion in the post about this guys 35whelen


28 Aug 2021
@ 12:27 pm (GMT)

David Landwehr

Re: Whats the best rifle you've ever owned
Tikka t3 stainless varmint in 223. I've stabilised the fore end and bedded with match grade. It has a 3-16 S-Tac up top in signature zee rings and it also hits what I point it at. I've shot coke cans at 600 yards (very still day) and iy has accounted for numerous foxes on the farms I visit. Longest shot on game is just 220m on a fox while biped prone. Its just no fuss and gets the job done.
Its also my comforter. When I start missing with something else I fall back to the 223 to get my confidence back up.
28 Aug 2021
@ 06:16 pm (GMT)

Kevin Jensen

Re: Whats the best rifle you've ever owned
Sako TRG S in 270 Winchester. Have had a lot of luck with this rifle.
Handloaded with 150grain Hornady SST's have made it an accurate & hard hitting rifle.
28 Aug 2021
@ 08:00 pm (GMT)

Ben Law

Re: Whats the best rifle you've ever owned
probably my howa varmint 223. i think i paid $449AU for it with a free gunbag and t-shirt. never shot a group over .9moa, sub .5moa consitantly and quite often in the .3's with very basic load development.
29 Aug 2021
@ 01:56 pm (GMT)

corrie den haring

Re: Whats the best rifle you've ever owned
interesting that 66% of people have said .223 and i agree, have very basic rem .223 but with stabilised stock, match bedded (thanks Nathan) and added timney trigger with bushell Trophy on top. best day so far is 50 goats with 63 shots, reload with VitN130 and use Z max 55gr. Sold all my rifles above 6.5mm as after 45 yrs my shoulder cannot take any more hits...also shoot 25-06 Sako A5, 6.5x47 lapua, winchester custom and remington custom(very underrated calibre) and 6.5x55 M38 military.
29 Aug 2021
@ 07:41 pm (GMT)

Sabine & Olivier ROUVIERE

Re: Whats the best rifle you've ever owned
Personally, the Tikka CTR in 308 20" barrel, the perfect all around/crossover rifle: wood & top/driven/stalking hunting, tactical, plinking

29 Aug 2021
@ 11:28 pm (GMT)


Re: Whats the best rifle you've ever owned
First Big Game Rifle, .275 Rigby

30 Aug 2021
@ 12:53 am (GMT)

Magnus Hansson

Re: Whats the best rifle you've ever owned
1. Blaser R8 professional.308win (best trigger, best precision, best safety, easiest to clean)
2. CG 1900 deluxe 30-06. (Next best Swedish thing from the seventies after Abba)
3. Tikka T3 Hunter .308win (sold) Great gun but not near the feeling from the CG1900
05 Sep 2021
@ 09:54 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Whats the best rifle you've ever owned
the zastava mini mauser in .223 closely followed by my now dead model 70 push fed .270 winchester
both rifles just worked
the .223 I will never sell,it just does whatever I contemplating trying to make up a paulawina wood stock for it....will see,no hurry as wooden stock on it is fine...
06 Sep 2021
@ 12:10 pm (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: Whats the best rifle you've ever owned
I don’t have a favorite, but I agree with Mike, you couldn’t go wrong with a post-64 push-fed Model 70. My 30-06 easily shot 2” groups at 200 yards out-of-the box.
09 Sep 2021
@ 02:24 am (GMT)

Joshua Mayfield

Re: Whats the best rifle you've ever owned
It's not mine but it's the rifle that I grew up viewing as "the rifle." Grandpa had a Marline 322, which had a Sako Riihimaki (L46) action and the Marlin micro-groove varmint barrel, chambered in .222. It was Grandpa's, now it's Dad's, someday it'll come to either my brother or myself. I don't know how many factory rifles in the early 1960s could fire a sub-inch 200 yard group, but this was one of them. Since before I was born the rifle has been topped with an ancient Weaver 4x scope with extremely fine crosshairs and had a very Spartan leather sling attached. In my youth I got to be quicker with this rifle than I am with a shotgun and to this day I am probably more comfortable carrying it on a walk than any other gun. It's a connection to my grandpa and while my dad or brother having it is a good and comforting thought, the idea of it being sold outside the family is a profanity.
09 Sep 2021
@ 01:10 pm (GMT)

Lane Salvato

Re: Whats the best rifle you've ever owned
If I take it in terms of just feeling like the kind of rifle I love to shoot it would have to be my Winchester Model 70 Featherweight 25-06. The action is extremely smooth and I've hunted with it so much that I don't have to think about any of the operation of it. I've taken everything from rabbits to big game with it and it's just a fun rifle.

Wish the old 25-06 was more popular but the 6.5's have put it out to pasture for the majority of younger hunters.


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