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30 super dbbl holland and holland

23 Aug 2021
@ 03:45 pm (GMT)


Need to know some history on these guns.

Difference between 30 super and 300 h&h
Difference between royal ejector. Badminton model. Dominion model.
Why were ao many models made. What was the need at that time


25 Aug 2021
@ 07:34 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 30 super dbbl holland and holland
Hi HHB, apologies for the late reply.

There is no difference between the .300 H&H and .30 Super. The former is the more sober designation while the latter was the more racy marketing name of the time.

Besides some variations in design, the models differ depending on time / detail. The Royal is the highest detail (quality) option with a great deal of time put into it. Why so many models? - to suit a range of budgets.

If you have direct questions about your rifle, these should be sent to H&H. They will be the best people to help you regarding individual model.


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