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matrix projectiles

12 Dec 2013
@ 05:49 pm (GMT)

tony potter

Hi Nathan
Was just wondering on the availability of these here in NZ im down to 50 or so A-maxs and these are getting impossable to get. Also just ordered your latest book for x-mass cant wait.Also merry x-mass to-you & your family.


12 Dec 2013
@ 07:21 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: matrix projectiles
Hi Tony, thanks for that, Steph is just processing the order now.

Reloaders Supplies are importing Matrix, still waiting for the first shipment to arrive. I have just emailed matrix to try to obtain an ETA. Just need to bear in mind that Matrix ran out of copper sheet at the same time as everyone else, then they had to shift premises and relocating a workshop is never easy. They are now reloacted, have just settled and have copper stock- but the orders built up both during the time of the shift and in the absence of materials. So the work load is very high. It has been a stressful time for Matrix.

Will find out more.

Merry Christmas to you too Tony,

I hope you enjoy the book.
13 Dec 2013
@ 12:11 am (GMT)

jason brown

Re: matrix projectiles
if you mean, 7mm amax, theres suppose to be a special order made by hornady for new Zealand. due any time soon.
check the gunworks site, but I think a lot of stores heard about it. my local hammils did. I think the supplier gets them, and all the stores have put orders in.
13 Dec 2013
@ 12:40 pm (GMT)


Re: matrix projectiles
Thanks for the update on the Matrix Nathen . Yes Jason i did mean 7mm amax.I still think reading between the lines even with a limited production run for NZ supply issues will still be a problem for some time.


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