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Tikka T3 Lite Reloading.308

11 Dec 2013
@ 10:11 pm (GMT)

Michael Barthow

I was wondering what i should be using for reloading this tikka below is what i thought from the little i know.

ADI AR 2208 Powder (heard it clean burning and has been around for years so easy to get)
Sierra Pro Hunter or Game King Projectiles (perhaps 50gr?)
And i don't have a clue on guessing what primers to use.

Have been using Remington core-lock up 2 now so figured it should be okay to re use that brass.

My Rifle has a 1 in 11 twist rate and was told you can figure out projectile weight of that.

any advice would be appreciated.


11 Dec 2013
@ 11:01 pm (GMT)

shane beeching

Re: Tikka T3 Lite Reloading.308
Hi Michael, if you read knowledge base you will find plenty of information. Im using AR2206H with 168gr Amaxs and so far shooting well.
12 Dec 2013
@ 12:38 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Tikka T3 Lite Reloading.308
Hi Michael, I would prefer you used 2206H (H4350) for this rifle.

Projectile choice will come down to the type of hunting you do. Shane has just quoted you a suitable long range load. If you mostly hunt in close, the 165gr SST is a good option. Both of these are well suited to the T3, capable of shooting around .5" if the rifle is up to it and with sound shooting technique.

There are several other forum members running the same or similar set up. I have put more detailed notes in the new book.
12 Dec 2013
@ 07:06 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Tikka T3 Lite Reloading.308
Hi Michael,
My young sons Tikka 308 is used for training and stalking, its bedded in its original shortened stock. Its not fussed about brass shooting Whin, Fed & Lapua without concern, all full sized with 1thou bump to keep ease of feeding for my son. Fed 210M or Whin WLR primers but most loads 210's
Trainning load 125 TNT 33g 2206H
Stalking 150 Interlocks 43.5g 2206H which will shoot 11mm groups if l do my bit
Will also work with 168g & 180g with very little load development, all loads to suit max magazine Coal 71mm. I have used 2206H with great success so I stick with it! after all it was made for the 308.

Great rifle and easy to work with, have fun



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